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Jun 22, 2006 12:22 PM

Quebec City La closerie...looking for one review

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I am going to Quebec next week and we are supposed to go to La Closerie with some of our clients. I couldn't find any reviews or many details for this restaurant. Anyone been there? Do they have some specialty?

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  1. I ate there many years ago - it was good, but not exceptional. I would go instead to Le St. Amour in the old city, on Rue St. Ursule.

    1. I went there last weekend and I agree: its good but there are much better places in Quebec city. Also the atmosphere is kind of inexistent.

      1. La closerie is good, but not exceptional. Avoid le St-Amour, it's now more an "attrape-touriste".
        Try L'Utopie on St-Joseph, for me is the best restaurant for now in Quebec city.