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Jun 22, 2006 01:51 PM

Why no Summerlicious?

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Hi everyone,
I'm just curious as to why nobody seems to like Summerlicious. Is it because of the reservations or are the restaurants not very good?

I'm interested in trying some out (based on the menu), but it doesn't seem recommended.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. i have absolutely no quams with summerlicious.

    actually, no, that's not true.

    i think it's a great way for restaurants to pick up new loyal patrons, people who would otherwise not have thought about going to a particular restaurant. For example, I went to Zucca for summerlicious last summer ($25 dinner), and I've been raving about it ever since. i am looking to try out Tutti Matti ($25 din), Fred's Not Here ($25 din), L'Escargot ($25 din), and Embrujo Flamenco ($25 din) this summer.

    on the other hand, i've also seen some restaurants take this opportunity as a one-time fleecing of new patrons, making no new fans (to the point of making anti-fans). jump ($35 din) was simply awful (6 mushroom, chopped to the point of being unrecognizable, stringy beef stew), la bruschetta ($25 din) was mediocre and cheap (-half- a tartufo for dessert? c'mon, really.)

    i know it's a strain on the wait staff -- unfortunately, "fixed price" borders on "bargain prices", and patrons can sometimes skimp on tips.

    i think it's good for the restaurants, if they take truly engage in the spirit of summerlicious -- that is, as an opportunity to showcase their food & ambience to a wider audience.

    just be wary of restaurants that are in summerlicious for a quick jump in revenues.

    past summer/winterliciouses, auberge du pommier ($30 din) & edo ($20 din) were bland/blah, byzantium was average ($25 din) .. boulevard cafe ($25 din) was great, but are not on this year's list.

    just my two cents.

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      Thanks everyone for your quick responses. It's nice to know there are some restaurants worth trying then. Maybe Zucca or North 44, as I haven't been to either of them before.

      1. re: Amanda

        i'll be honest, zucca's menu doesn't look "that" appealing time around -- and at $35, i think i can get "better value" with their "zuccalicious" prie-fixe menu ..

        that said, the service is always excellent, the ingredients fresh & seasonal, so you can't go wrong either.

    2. Summerlicious is hit and miss, just like dining at vaious restaurants at any other time of the year. In my opinion, there are 2 kinds of restaurants who participate in this promotion; those who just want a quick cash flow during a slow time and resent the patrons, and those whose always high standards in both service and food persist. True class is demonstrated by not treating the Summerlicious tables with contempt. In the latter category are North 44, Smalltalk, The Drake Hotel, and Auberge de Pommier. If you look at the menus posted, you can usually tell which establishments make an effort.

      1. s

        I don't particularly like it because I'm not a huge eater. To have an appetizer, entree and dessert and wine is way too much for me.
        I find that at most places I can purchase an appetizer and entree for $35 and I don't have to stuff myself with dessert, and I get to go on a night that is not crazy busy and pick from a regular menu.

        1. I like Summerlicious. We went to the Boulevard during Winterlicious and really enjoyed it. I hadn't been there in probably a decade or more, so it was a great opportunity to try it again. I notice it's not on the list this summer, but I'm planning to go in August for my birthday (already told my husband) so the advertising really worked.

          1. As others have said, some (often big name) places don't show you their best during summer/winterlicious. Mind you, it may still be worth going if you want to check out the ambience of someplace you might never spring for at regular prices.

            Some of my best experiences have included Mistura, Boulevard Cafe, North 44, and Batifole.

            My general suggestion would be to pick a relatively unknown resto as I think they are more likely to be making a real effort to acquire new customers.