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Jun 22, 2006 05:54 PM

Big Sur

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We're going camping in Big Sur soon and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions where to eat. (We will have a two year old in tow, so anywhere fancy pants is probably out.)

Has anyone tried Nepenthe? Or Big Sur Bakery?


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  1. Big Sur Bakery - stop before you camp and grab some goodies!

    1. Nepenthe is worth visiting. The food is pricey and just ok (except for the burger, which was exceptional), but it is beautiful inside, they have a good wine list, and the view is out of this world. Great patio and a firepit, too. I'd say either get the burger or eat before and just have a few glasses of wine and watch the sunset.

      1. I'm not sure Nepenthe would be good with a two year old, but I would definitely recommend Big Sur Bakery. My kids like sitting outside and having a pizza (and the bread basket), although it's not cheap at dinner. You might try lunch instead.


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          So is Nepenthe a no go for toddlers in a falling-off-a-sheer-cliff kind of way or the-childless-don't-find-your-kids-as-cute-as-you-do?

          Thanks for the link to the review.

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            I believe Nepenthe would be absolutely fine with the kids..I often see families there...the burger is as previously stated just fine..there is an outdoor eating area as well...the architecture is unique and the VIEW...THE, as the Victorian's would term it "SUBLIME!"..everything tastes "GOOD", because all the senses are being'll really love Big Sur!

        2. I like Nepenthe for the view and the gift shop below it. Food & drinks are average at best and expensive. Big Sur Bakery has good pizza, salad, didn't have room for desserts but those look good too.

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            Nepenthe has an excellent wine list, especially of the local Monterey Pinot Noirs. Their waitstaff is quite knowledgeable and enthusiastic about wine (at least the ones I've talked to).

            The food is quite good and fairly ambitious, and the setting, especially at the end of a hot summer day, sitting outdoors on the terrace at sunset is fantastic.

            It is expensive, though; that's true. But everything is expensive in Big Sur. (At least Nepenthe uses good Riedel wine glasses.)