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Jun 22, 2006 08:40 PM

The Old Place

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Anyone know anything about a place called "The Old Place." Google says it's a restaurant that serves steak and clams, Thurs-Sun. near Canan & Mulholland. Dagger says it's the OG Malibu spot.

Would like to try it if:
- It's still there.
- You think we should.

Let me know what you know.


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  1. Interesting question, I've seen that place up on the biker roads (IIRC, near The Rock Store?) and I would love to know the answer. It's at 29981 Mulholland in Agoura Hills, and the LA Public Health website shows its last inspection as June 28, 2003 (it got a 100!). But on the other hand the Ventura County Star website still carries a listing for the place and the website for country singer Billy Gale (y'all remember him, right?) says he's there "Most Every Thursday, Friday or Saturday Night" and adds that the menuconsists of Steak and Clams only, cash only, open Thurs-Sat night and Sunday from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm for beef stew only (!)

    Sounds like an adventure . . .

    1. I posted on this last week or so, to no response. We finally got in touch with one of the owners last Sunday at 7:05PM they closed at 7PM...argggh!

      Anyway, all they serve is steak and clams. Closed M-W. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday they serve Steak and/or clams, Sunday is clams only. However we went once on a Saturday night and the owner said it was quiet so they didn't feel like starting a fire for the steaks and they were just out of clams. They serve the big, fresh sourdough bread Pantry style with the clams and they looked incredible, a large bowl of little necks floating in a rich broth.

      The place is a ramshackle old cabin off the road where Troutdale is near Kanan. Coming from the 101, make a left or right on Kanan (depending on your direction) and then a left on the road where Troutdale is. When you come to a fork in the road bear left. You will see the place immediately on the left of the road...tons of cars in front if it's open. The owners look like they're in their late seventies...very cranky...take it or leave it attitude. They definately feel like they're doing us a favor by serving us, and from what my boyfriend says who has eaten there before they are. Says the food is amazing. Supposedly the hours are 5-9 Th,Fri,Sat....3-7 on Sunday. Take that with a grain of salt, they're rarely open and it's a long trek to make for most to take a chance. We're going tonight early, keep your fingers crossed for us.

      Oh and the last time we were there (when they ran out of food) they had this old goldminer lookin' fellow strolling the little place playing guitar and singing sad country western songs. I could go on and on....

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      1. re: Davina

        Thanks for the scoop.

        I'm crossing my fingers and heading there this weekend. Will report back if I make it and if it's open.

      2. Well we finally got to eat at the Old Place. We arrived at 7PM on Friday night and they opened at 7:30, again the hours don't mean a ahead. We ordered a bowl of clams and this time they were quite large, as compared to my recollection of the last visit. The clams (counted 9) were served with drawn butter on the side in a small amount of salted water. A little on the sandy side for my liking but again, taking all into consideration it was more of an eating experience as you really can't put a price on the ambience of this place. The upside of the meal was the steak. Cooked to perfection over an oak fire and enough to feed three people, the flavor of the meat was unlike anything I have ever experienced. It was roasted and juicy with a smokey taste that was very enjoyable. I highly recommend. And they did have signs in abundance advertising beef stew on Sundays.

        1. I grew up right behind the Old Place - the road that goes behind it used to be a dirt road. We lived 1/4 mile behind (before all of the new houses and paved road went in) and as such, I spent a lot of time there in my younger years. Lots of history in that place, it used to be quite the hangout for all sorts of people - I think the highlight for my mom was meeting Steve McQueen there while my highlight was Sean Penn and Nick Cage - they filmed a couple of scenes from Racing with the Moon inside. Anyway, as I recall, the beef stew was to. die. for. But that was many years ago (more than I want to admit), I'm quite curious to know how it fares today.

          Also, I swear the owners (whose names I've forgotten) were older than god 20+ years ago, I'm surprised to hear they're still around and running that place.

          1. Is the Old Place still open? I used to go there with my family growing up (was always a fun adventure... like old man selling ties, my sister not allowed to stop playing the piano after starting, etc) & wanted to take my fiance there. From what I remember, there was one seating and either you got a seat or didn't, but the food was always good. Steak on Friday & Saturdays. Chili or stew made with the leftovers on Sunday, and clams all three nights.

            Please let me know what you know. :)

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              I think it closed last year. The phone number is no longer working.