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I was told that long ago a limeade used to be almost as common as a lemonade.

Where in town would you go (other than a grocery store for Newman's Own) for limeade?


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  1. Bennet's Ice Cream in Farmer's Market (3rd & Fairfax)

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      Whoops! I mixed up my ice cream places. It's Gill's Ice Cream @ Farmer's Market (on the West end of the market) which makes tasty fresh limeade.

    2. Clementine makes a nice one.

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        Ditto - but recently they've toned down the ginger in the limeade, which disappointed me a little (I loved that bite!)

      2. I love the limeaide they serve at Ambala Dhaba, theirs is served at a comfortable place between sweet and tart (more tart than sweet), and I think, the perfect companion to their Indian food. I personally love it with any of the Bhakra (goat) dishes.

        Ambala Dhaba is on Westwood Blvd, just N of Santa Monica Blvd.

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          You beat me to it, your response is exactly what I was going to write. BTW it's called Shikanjvi. I enjoy the normal way that they make it but for those that have concerns about sugar, they will cheerfully adjust the amount. I liked it so much at Ambla Dhaba that I found a good recipe online and now make it at home. It is commonly made with limes or lemons.

          Ambala Dhaba
          Westwood location:
          1781 Westwood Blvd.
          Los Angeles
          (310) 966-1772
          Artesia location:
          18413 Pioneer Blvd.,
          (562) 402-7990

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            Care to share the recipe? On the Home Cooking board of course!

        2. The best lime-aid I have found is at most outdoor sporting events. I don't know the name of the stand but they always have a HUGE selection of freshly made juices in glass containers. They just scoop it into the cup and serve it to you fresh.

          I just make my own, the secret to good anything-aid is to use a fruit press. The conventional juicer/scraper that is found scrapes too much of the rind giving the juice a stronger than normal tartness. You can find them at ANY good kitchen supply store or web site.
          1 part juice
          1 part suger
          the rest water.

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            I normally use sparkling water and add a little bit of ginger (preferably freshly grated)

          2. Connals in Pasadena.

            Connal's Burgers, Salads & Subs
            1505 E. Washington Blvd.
            Pasadena, CA

            Link: http://www.connals.com/

            1. Twoee's on Huntington at the Alhambra/San Marino/South Pas meeting point.

              Delicious slushy limeaide reminds me of hot days in the summer...great sundae's and other soda fountain fare, too.

              1. They have lovely ginger limeade at Clementine...and they happily give refills

                1. OK, so I'm in NY, not LA, but I'd be surprised if this didn't hold true out there as well -- most local Mexican places I've been to whip up a damn fine limonada.

                  1. s
                    strawberry sudae

                    Singapore's Banana Leaf in the Farmers Market on Third and Fairfax has great limeade.

                    1. Clementine's ginger limeade is really good! While I love lime, the Mint Lemonade at Le Pain Quotidien is the bomb!