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Jun 22, 2006 03:33 PM

the galley in santa monica

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what's up fellow hounds, do you guys know anything about the galley restaurant on main st. in santa monica? would you guys recommend it for steaks? how does it compare to say taylors? thanks.

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  1. Very heavy on the nautical theme, with ropes hanging everywhere. More expensive than Taylor's. Good drinks. Very old-time, been-there-forever, neighborhood vibe.

    1. Go to Taylors !

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        i've been to taylors many times and wanted to try some place different. how are the steaks?

      2. This place is near where I work and I've wondered, too. How's the food? With it's "been there forever" atmosphere mentioned below, does it compare with Chez Jay?

        1. The Galley is definitely on par with Taylors. Good steaks and seafood, not cheap but reasonably priced for the quality and amount of food. Plus, they make a mean martini.

          And yes, it has been there forever. Before they remodeled, you could still see the carving on one of the tables that friends of my mother's put there when they were in high school in the 1950s.

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            Reality Check

            Besides a smaller menu, is there any difference in the quality and size of Taylor's steaks, duing lunch?

          2. Supposed to have great very large porterhouse steaks.