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Jun 22, 2006 02:57 PM

Jiraffe Dinner Tonight

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A couple of foodie friends and myself are going here for the first time. I would appreciate some advice on what to order as well as any other tips. Thank you.

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    Biff Wellington

    I enjoyed the pork chop immensely. The seafood risotto entree is ok (wouldn't give a full on recommendation).

    The foie gras appetizer in whatever incarnation is fantastic.

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      Have also had the pork chop--very good. Not sure if it's on the appetizer menu still, but ravioli with a cream corn sauce was fantastic.

    2. I have not been but have been planning to go this summer. Please give us a report of your thoughts. Hope you enjoy.

      1. I agree with the foie gras recommendation. If they have it on today's menu, you should definitley order it. It was the by far best dish when I went there for dinner a couple of months ago.

        Don't get the mushroom Ravioli, as I was not very impressed with that dish. Then again, I guess it is not really the right place to order ravioli in the first place.

        Everything else was really good.

        1. Oh, I know this was ages ago, but I love Jiraffe, one of my favorite restaurants ever. Anyways, I hope you got the foie gras, its always amazing, I had a taste of the rabbit stew last time and that was so delicious, and the lamb was divine!!! Oh my god, that lamb. :) Anyways, hope you enjoyed!

          1. I'm going to Jiraffe's tonight as well -- I'm definitely going for the Bistro menu (which they put up on their Website now) -- which is $33 for 3-courses (you can choose from 1 of 2 things for app & entree), everything looks delish though.