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Jun 22, 2006 02:55 PM

Any Chinese Restaurants Serving Beef Dumplings?

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I recently had some wonderful steamed beef dumplings at a Taiwanese restaurant in Dallas (actually, Richardson, TX, the closest thing Dallas has to a Chinatown) and it struck me that I had never seen this offered in the L.A. area. I'm not talking about beef siu mai, but real dumplings like you get at Dumpling 10053 or Luscious Dumplings. Anybody know of a restaurant--maybe one of the Taiwanese places--with beef dumplings?

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  1. Dumpling 10053 has them (as does Dumpling Master on Atlantic if I recall correctly).

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    1. re: ipse dixit

      are they good, and all beef? no pork. thanks.

      1. re: ipse dixit

        I don't remember anyone with beef jiaozi. If you're looking for non-pork, China Islamic has jiaozi with lamb filling.

        1. re: Jerome

          The beef jiaozi is not boiled, but steamed (i.e., it is "tzeng-jiao" not "swei-jiao").

          I generally don't like beef dumplings (steamed or boiled). I prefer the fatty-ness of the pork filling, as it provides a better binding agent and contrasts better with the vegetable fillings, either napa cabbage or chinese chives.

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            Often, with lamb, they will chop up the fat very finely and mix it with the meat to create a stickier mass.

            fwiw pinyin zheng(1)jiao, shui(3)jiao.

            1. re: Jerome

              I readily admit that my pinyin is terrible.

              I've always found the following link very helpful, but have been too lazy to actually use it effectively.


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                when LOOKING AT CHOW ( to keep the moderators happy) I like the following site - includes a character dictionary and a cross mandarin-cantonese pronunciation guide


      2. Have you been to Din Tai Fung? I don't eat beef, but absolutely love the other dumplings there. They should have the beef dumplings. Get there early to avoid the long line!


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          I think the OP is talking about jiaozi style dumplings, like you get at 10053 or 101 noodle express. Din Tai Fung serves a different kind of preparation. I'd be surprized if they have a pure beef filled pasta-treat.

          1. re: Jerome

            i think they only have chicken and then fish dumpling which i really like, and veggie as opposed to the usual shrimp and pork, or crab and pork, etc. at din tai fung.

            1. re: kevin

              this is a bit of a problem for me - dumpling is so broad as to include xlb, cantonese fluffy bao and baked bao and siu mai, northern jiaozi and pot stickers, yangzhou dianxin like the pine-needle rolls and shaomai, szechwan chaoshou, cantonese wonton, shanghai wonton, fujian style yundun which are TINY - etc.
              these are all called dumplings and they are so different...

              and usually places that make one really really well don't make all of them well.

          2. re: slacker

            Din Tai Fung does not serve beef dumplings. If they do, it is not on the menu that I have before me.

          3. Closest thing with beef that resmbles a dumpling would be any dim sum place. There's always a steamed beef meatball that isn't wrapped in anything about the size of a golf ball.

            1. this is timely...

              some friends and i just visited a new-ish restaurant in Arcadia on Baldwin called "Dumpling House". It's almost directly across the street from the DTF plaza.

              i thought the food was just ok and we did not try the beef dumpling, but it was on the menu.

              1. BTW, just read that in Nanjing, beef potstickers (guotie) are considered a local specialty. So you might call Nanjing kitchen on Las tunas and ask if they have niurou guo'tieh.