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Jun 22, 2006 05:38 PM

Murphy's Deli - Home of the Muffaletta

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Until yesterday I'd really only stopped into Murphy's for the occasional bagel on the way to class in the morning, mostly because they're directly on my walk between BART and class :) However, yesterday while waiting for my bagel I noticed that their bags advertised their muffalettas and the price was reasonable on the menu, so I came back and picked up a 1/2 muffaletta after class and took it home.

It gets my stamp of approval :) I stopped by today after class to pick up a whole muffaletta this time - so my boyfriend and I wouldn't have to fight over it today.

I've only been to New Orleans once, but when I was there, I did the mandatory pilgrimage to Central Grocery to try the genuine article, and this holds up pretty nicely, considering how far we are from New Orleans!

Yesterday's bread was a bit on the dry side for me, but was replete with toasted sesame seeds on top. Meat and cheese filling is generous and tasty (they toast the fillings here, so you can have your sandwich hot if you want). Olive tepanade has a good mix of olives and roasted peppers, though I personally would like the mix chopped a little finer, but that's a personal preference thing.

Today the olive tepanade got to soak into the bread a little longer which did good things for the bread in my mind (not dry at all today), though the olives were spread with a more generous hand on today's sandwich and were a bit overpowering.

Anyhow, for those of you downtown and looking for lunch, this is a sandwich I don't see on too many San Francisco menus, so it might make for a nice change!

They also have a salad bar, some pre-packaged side salads (hummus, fruit salad, pasta salad, etc) and other types of sandwiches, and breakfast in the morning. Prices for the muffalettas are $5.95 for half and $9.95 for a whole (before tax). Half is a very filling lunch for one, or could easily be split by two with a side salad.

They're between 1st and 2nd just off Mission (right next to Golden Gate University) and a very short block or so from the Montgomery BART station.


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  1. I'm admittedly a muffaletta novice (having only eaten some of Melanie's 1 1/2 year old muffaletta at the last Chow Picnic), but tried Murphy's Deli's rendition several months ago. I was thrilled to see a muffaletta on a menu. I remember liking the olive tapenade, but thought the meat was too much for me and maybe a little fatty and oily. Of course this is coming from me and I usually order my sandwiches light on the meat (this time I didn't), so I think it's more a personal preference thing than a shortcoming on Murphy's Deli's part. I definitely thought their muffaletta had potential when I tried it.

    Murphy's is like a little oasis at lunch in the Financial District, with its main entrance on an alley (though it's accessible from Mission St.) It's never all that full, and it's a really comfortable place to eat.

    Murphy's also has an intriguing salad bar full of lots of hot dishes - many Greek inspired. Has anyone tried them?

    1. vivande on fillmore makes a muffaletta type thing that looks impressive. you can buy the whole wheel, even (its maybe 9" diameter).

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        what's it called? I'm looking at both the lunch and dinner menu online and don't see anything sandwich-like. My Italian is.....non existent, so maybe there's a whole section dedicated to sandwiches and I just can't tell haha

      2. Here's the specifics:

        560 Mission St,#150
        San Francisco, CA 94105
        (415) 978-9681

        1. Hi Folks-

          Please note, MartS posted a recco for muffaletta and you can find his post on the California board, here:

          1. We ate here a few times for lunch and I got the muffaletta. Granted, I only heard about this from a sandwich documentary I saw on TV so I never ate one in New Orelans. Honestly, I thought there was too much olive taste and not enough of a special sandwich taste. Bascially, it was sort of an olive sandiwch made from so-so olives out of a can