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Jun 22, 2006 11:55 AM

German or Sausage in the city

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I have company of German heritage coming to town and am looking for good German food or local sausage house in the area to make up for an unfortunate Oktoberfest experience on their last visit.

I'm willing to drive for great food so we aren't limited to the city. All suggestions appreciated...TIA

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  1. Not in San Francisco, but there's Speisekammer in Alameda. I really enjoyed the food and the people I went with seemed to as well. They also have music some nights. Thanks for the reminder -- I'll have to head back there again soon.


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      I'm late to the party. But I just ate at Speisekammer. Overall, I enjoyed it. A little expensive. Two meals, two beers for $63. I liked my friend's sausage better than my wienerschnitzel.


    2. We would recommend Suppenkuche on Hayes in the city. Nice atmosphere, long wooden tables that may seat multiple parties, good-enough food and beer.

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        I second Suppenkuche if you're on that side of the Bay. The menus of Speisekammer and Suppenkuche are almost identical (except for quark, which is a big deal to some people). Suppenkuche has more space and rarely any waiting time, though, if you are bringing a big party.

        I do like Walzwerk, though, as do my Berliner friends (one of whom has a photo on the wall from the communist days), for a totally different dining experience.

      2. Walzwerk! South VanNess near 16th. Easy parking, cool Mission vibe, hodge podge tables and chairs, fun German staff. The Jager Schnitzel-sp? is so good and around $12, Great beer selection.

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          Walzwerk is fun and the food's fine for the price but note that it's a very young crowd. When we went there I don't think anyone else was over 27. Also, they appear to have gotten their furniture by dumpster diving, so some of it's uncomfortable.

        2. Dittmer's Wurst-Haus in Mt. View is a destination German situation. While they don't cook their sausages to eat there, it's one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed. Dittmer smokes and cures everything from bacon, hams, turkey, sausages and salami. Their meat counter must be 50 feet long and filled to the brim with carefully laden rows of all thing German. And behind you are shelves filled with fine German mustards and related. The staff are more than helpful and happy and I noticed that many are placing their meat orders in German. And you know what? The prices are about half of what you would think. I got enough sausage and bacon to feed a family of 4 for 6 days for 45 dollars. His bacon is less than 3 dollars a pound a very clean and smooth cure/smoke. I noticed he's got prime cuts of beef for 14 dollars a pound in steak form, didn't stop to see. I drive from the East Bay to Dittmer's without a thought, I love it there.

          1. It isn't German but Polish, Chopin Cafe in Walnut Creek.

            They have something called cutlet which is the best type of weinersnitzel dish I've ever had, elegant and not heavey. So it is Eastern European and not particularily German.

            IIRC, there might be another German restaurant in that area. If no one else replies, I'll search around. Unfortunately you asked the question just as the new software was installed, so the post might not get the replies it normally deserves.

            However there is a great new search engine now so you might give that a try if you don't get additional replies.

            Where was the unfortunate Octoberfest experience? What happened?