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Jun 22, 2006 02:21 PM

Good eats and wine bars in Bend, Oregon?

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Help me out with suggestions for good eats and places we can taste some Oregon wines by the glass.

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  1. Things are moving so fast in Bend that this will be outdated by the time it's sent. Recently, the two best places to try a variety of wines are right next door: Merenda and Vino Mercado. Vino has changed concepts since we were last there, so who knows. Merenda has 2oz tastes that are priced 1/3 of a 6oz glass, which is priced 1/4 of a bottle. So you can try a bunch at reasonable prices. Also good appetizers, esp at happy hour 4-6 daily.

    For restaurants, try Control F for Bend to look at recent posts. If that doesn't work anymore with the new website, post back and we can recap.

    1. merenda is over rated. i've been there twice and was let down by the quality of the food. however, if you're looking for wine they do have a deal or two