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Jun 23, 2006 01:04 AM

immersion blender versus cuisinart

I recently received an immersion blender as a gift and I love it! Now I'm wondering if I still need the cuisinart that I was lusting for, or if the immersion blender will cover any chopping needs I may have. What say the boards?

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  1. You definitely need both. I don't do soups in my food processor, because the immersion blender does a much better job. But there are so many things that a food processor does that an immersion blender does, my advice is to get both.

    Example: making pesto-type sauces, shredding cheese (or anything else for that matter), making pastry, and a bunch of other things that I'm forgetting right now.

    1. I agree - they do two different things. I also find that about half the time that I use my immersion blender, I end up running the soup through the regular blender ... don't know if I'm using the former incorrectly or what. Food processor is also great for making pie dough/pate brisee etc., slicing onions/potatoes when you need to do in bulk. Just made some pesto tonight ....

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        I got a high-powered immersion blender--no more pieces left, as with my Braun.

      2. Definitely go get the Cuisinart. The immersion blender really isn't designed for chopping things (unless you get one that has a mini-processor attachment, and even then I findthat thing a pain), and the Cuisinart can also shred a pound of cheese in the blink of an eye. It has certainly earned its permanent spot on the counter many times over now.

        1. You need both.
          Yes, 'need'.

          The Cuisinart is indispensible for so many things, you'll be wondering how you ever went without one. Chopping large amounts shredding, quickly putting together a pie crust. But an immersion blender? That takes care of easily blending soups, fixing a lumpy sauce, puddings, salad dressings.

          1. This is so helpful--thank you everyone. I want my kitchen to be so pared down (pardon the pun) that always think I can get away with just one, smaller appliance. Or I hope I can. But apparently it's not possible to be totally pared down...

            So with the Cuisinart, can you actually julienne carrots and zucchini? As in, I get my farmer's box and I don't feel like chopping everything, so I dump it in the Cuisinart, and it's all taken care of in thin, beautiful strips?