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Great restaurants in Sicilia?

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I'm headed to Sicily (and Malta) for about 3 weeks in September. All the guidebook suggestions in terms of restaurants seem a little "advertised." Does anyone have suggestions? I'll be pretty much traveling all around the perimeter of the island, so all areas are pertinent...
Help! I don't want to eat in tourist traps! Fancy and un-fancy places welcome!

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  1. Sant'Andrea next to the Vucciria market in Palermo. It helps if someone in your party speaks Italian because the printed English menu is pretty useless as the kitchen cooks up whatever is fresh at the market on any given day. If you don't speak Italian and are a bit adventurous, just trust the kitchen.

    1. sicily is big.. which side!
      I was recently in Palermo, erice and trapani.

      1. La Cantina Siciliana in Trapani, far southwest of Sicily, is an adorable restaurant with great food, owned by Sicilian Jews.

        The restaurant at the Raya Hotel on Panarea, a small island in the Aeolian archipelago, makes the best tuna steak I've ever had. Freshly caught but not sure if they are serving it anymore due to the tuna population in the Meditteranean at an all time low.

        1. http://www.lacucinaeoliana.com/viaggi...
          Also I'd recommnend the Touring Club of Italy's Guide "Authentic Sicily".
          I have practically every guide book on Sicily and this is the best one for restaurants. If you let us know which cities and towns you'll be in that would narrow it some.

          1. Arabesque in Terrasini, which is about 20 minutes by autostrada west of Palermo. I lived in that town for five months and went every couple of weeks. It's a beautiful restaurant, and the fish is just terrific!

            1. Sant Andrea is fantastic! But it's closed one day of the week and I can't remember which one! Still, an excellent meal back in January. Also had a great meal at Vicolo Stretto (by Charly) in Taormina - a bit hard to find as it's up the narrowest walkway in town but the food was extemely good. The meal was a bit on the expensive side but we had about 7 small courses having left ourselves in the chef's hands. The families infused oil is liquid gold and mama makes delicious light pasta!
              Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants/trattorias/markets/food shops in south east Sicily? Am near Ragusa for a week then over to Syracusa for anothr week in early September.

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                Look at the post for Siracusa, there's plenty of suggestions there. August 5th post "Six days in Siracusa"

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                  Thanks, I'm sure we'll restaurant some of the time - but we're in self catering places (and shock horror I love to cook) so I'm also looking for good places to buy ingredients or tasty bits to bring back home.

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                    You won't lack for good ingredients. That's for sure. The markets are great. Tunisian-variety eggplant, longest bell peppers that I've ever seen, tomatoes, etc etc. Get some capers packed in salt. You'll be there at peak harvest.