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Cabo San Lucas

Going to Cabo San Lucas and was hoping for some recs on local favorites. TIA!

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  1. We really enjoyed El Chilar in San Jose del Cabo, last year. Very reasonably priced and very good. We did get stopped by a poice officer as we left in our rental car for an "illegal" U turn. $20.00US saved the day. I think it's not unusual in this area to target tourists so obey every possible law!!

    1. Hope this isn't too late but, Mi Casa in Cabo, just off the old plaza, (a couple of streets behind the main drag), is one of my favorite places. Been going there for years and I think it is one of the best 'authentic' Cabo places. Also, try Pancho's, which not only serves food, but has a wall of tequila that is unbelievable. For tacos and cheap, try The Trailer Park for the fish tacos.

      1. I'll be going in September, so if you think of anymore please let me know.
        I've read some places close down for the month of September, should I be worried about this?

        1. Mi Casa was American Mexican - nothing special - in San Jose del Cabo there was a place - Don Emiliano that was EXCELLENT - you must have the octopus appetizer, not only delicious, but a work of art.

          1. I second Mi Casa and Pancho's. I think Pancho's also has a "Masters in Tequila" course which was fun. You take an hour long class with a tequila expert who teaches you how the various types of tequila and Mezcal are made, then you taste test, and then you get a very amusing diploma. Highly recommended!

            1. Let me add my own inquiry to this one. We are celebrating my best friend's 50th birthday in Cabo in early October over a long weekend. We're all staying in the Pueblo Bonito Pacifico, which should be pretty nice, but are trying to decide on some place for excellent food and lots of fun for a few dinners. We'll be anywhere from 10 -16 people, depending on the night and who's flying solo. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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                Replying to my own post and inquiry above, I've checked the board over the last few years and it seems that the consensus on the best upscale food in Cabo is Ediths. Does anyone have any recent experience there?

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                  Wayno, you might want to contact Ediths to make sure they are open. I emailed them through their site to see if they will be open when i am there for my dates in September and they will be closed.

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                    Edith's food was just okay, and we were frankly appalled by the prices there. Absolutely ludicrous, even for Cabo. It's a nice space though.

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                      Hmmm, sorry to hear the food was so-so. This is a special occasion, so price is really not a concern, but I do want it good and a nice space to celebrate. It's not a uniformly chowhoundish bunch; in fact, for most, style may count more than substance [after all, most are coming from LA], but i know they'll enjoy genuine good food. So, Maya, if you have any alternatives to suggest, I'm all ears. Thanks.

                2. One more follow up, Maya. I saw in one of your earlier posts that you enjoyed Las Missiones. Might that be suitable for my group? Thanks.

                  1. Hm... both Las Misiones and Mi Casa are more mellow, but the food is just light years better. Absolutely awesome! Maybe make reservations and then check into it when you get there?

                    The thing about Edith's is that is *is* a pretty space. They have a nice tequila selection and you can get lobster there and the like. We were just really depressed by the scene, with a lot of poverty just outside, drunken sorority groups nearby (on the beach) and dignified Mexican waitstaff that had to bow down and cater to the dismissive, loud, patronizing American who doesn't blink at spending $100 for one entree because they're afraid to go more "local" (not that you are in that category, I understand you're looking for a celebratory place - as we were). That is basically Edith's clientele - at least when I was there. I really love Mexico, I have spent many months of my life traveling there (including my honeymoon) and love the people and culture so much that perhaps I was freaked out by the scene more than others might be.

                    For a truly special celebration in that area, I would really recommend a day trip to Todos Santos and dinner at Caffe Santa Fe. Now that's elegant Mexico (thought the food is more continental), more intimate, less overwhelming. And a stop beforehand at Mi Copa, the lovely wine bar at Todos Santos Inn. Swoon...

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                      Thanks, Maya. I'd love to do the Todos Santos trip you describe and actually would love it if that was our actual destination rather than CSL, but that's out of my hands and I doubt I'll be able to divert the group to TS. I have tried to f/u on your suggestion of Las Misiones, but I can't find anything on the net. I keep landing on Las Misiones Condo/Resort in San Jose del Cabo, which I assume is not the Las Misiones restaurant that you described. Where is that restaurant and do you have any contact info? Also, someone in the group suggested Morgan's Restaurant & Cellar in SJ de C. I checked that out on the web and, while it may be good food, it seems like, if you're there, you could be anywhere - rather than Mexico. Do you know anything about Morgan's? Thanks again.

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                        I haven't heard of Morgan's. I found the info on Las Missiones in a cached/maybe deleted? chowhound post for a while back:


                        "The best meal you will eat in town is at Missiones, if you can find it. It's down a dirt road around the corner from an abandoned Gold's Gym or World's Gym (I believe this is 20 de Novembre street). The road is residential but there is a hanging sign with a Mission on it - that's Missiones. Enter and you will find a dirt floor, perfectly swept, palms and lush vegetation gently swaying, fairy lights glittering, a thatched roof for partial covering and a chef trained by a visiting chef from the Four Seasons in Los Angeles. His name is Israel and his famous israel's sauce (on fresh crab/lobster etc) is historic. "

                        Hope this helps!!

                    2. Cafe Santa Fe in Todos closes for September and October. I would definitely try to get to El Chular in San Jose - it is truly the best of San Jose and San Lucas- (we live in Todos Santos.) Just wanted to add that September is the worst month to come to southern Baja - THE worst!!!!!!!

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                        We are coming in early Oct. Why is Sept. the worst? Weather?

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                          Yes, hurricane season. Though we've been in September before and had nothing but blue HOT skies.

                      2. IMO both Mi Casa & Mi Casa Mariscos both have gone downhill over the years. Definitely not a *bad* meal, but not as good as before. We just got back from trip #7 (8?) and these are the places we will be taking our guests when we go back at the end of the month:

                        * Pancho's: http://panchos.com
                        Authentic Mexican. No A/C so prepare to be hot if you go during the day or sit close to the window at night. $$

                        * Los Deseos: http://www.loscabosguide.com/restaura...
                        On the Marina - Mexican in a nice, more contemporary Marina atmosphere. $$

                        * Seafood Mama's: http://www.loscabosguide.com/dining/s...
                        For breakfast - cheap & great portions! $

                        * Nick-San: http://nicksan.com
                        Yes, sushi. We went for the first time last month and left asking ourselves why it took so long to go there (sushi snobs). SO GOOD. $$$

                        * Gardenias Tacos
                        Located on the side-street on the corner where McDonald's is located - about a block in. US$1.50 fish and $2.00 shrimp tacos - SO GOOD. $

                        Keep in mind, Edith's is supposed to be closed some time in September. I really like Edith's as well (hubby thinks it's overpriced for what it is, but does like the quality) but didn't suggest it because of the month you said you'd be there.

                        Hope this helps!

                        1. Don't waste your time at Edith's. It was great 10 years ago...now it's on a downward spiral.

                          mi cocina at casa natalia is the best restaurant in San Jose.

                          in cabo i'd definitely try niki-san...amazing sushi.