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Jun 21, 2006 07:13 PM

Group of 30 in Venice?

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Putting together a group for 7 nights in Venice & need to find 3 good, reasonable & easily found restaurants for them.

One scenario is staying on the Lido at the Hungarian Hotel, which I hear has a nice restaurant. We then would need 2 more - perhaps one on the Lido & one in the area of St. Mark's or easily accessible off the Grand Canal (basically so no one gets lost, as that will be getting there on their own!)

2nd scenario is staying at the Bauer - 3 restaurants - again, nothing too far afield or complicated to find.

Would be nice to have at least one seafood, one more casual, a private room or area, and budget from 30 - 100E approx. per person w/ house wine.

Also a suggestion for a fun ciccheria (ok, I'm totally spacing on the name for the little drinks & hot snacks bars, but think it's something like this!) that would be able to host 30 would be appreciated!


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  1. I'd consider Locanda Cipriani on Torcello. We've done groups of up to 16 there for many years. There's a vaporetto stop on Torcello and it's a lovely walk down the canal to the restaurant. Dining outside is a must.

    Here's the link -