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Jun 21, 2006 06:38 PM

four seasons costa rica/where else to go?

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we are going to the four seasons costa rica, which does look heavenly. expecting the food to be more than edible if not exciting, but we have been to some four seasons resorts (i.e, exuma) where, quite frankly, the food does not measure up to what i think are four seasons standards. we'd be happy to go off hotel grounds, within a 30 minute drive, if there is somewhere interesting and hound-worthy. suggestions?

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  1. You don't specify where the Four Seasons is, and I'm not sure if there's more than one in Costa Rica. But, assuming you're talking about the one on the Papagayo Peninsula, it's nearly a 30 minute drive to get anywhere from there. The nearest towns are Playa Del Coco and Liberia. Neither is known for their food. You can get a perfectly done, whole fried fish with rice and beans in any one of many places in Playa Del Coco, but you won't find anything "exciting". The most consistent and reliable food will certainly be at the Four Seasons. Sorry.
    No one goes to CR for the food anyway.

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      I'd go back for the roast chickens.....

    2. el jefe is correct, it is a LONG, BUMPY drive anywhere from the Four Seasons. I recall it taking about 15 minutes just to get off the Four Season's property. It is designed so you never have to leave.

      The food was very good at FS, however your are correct, it is "Four Season's Tican food, far from authentic Tican food. For that, unfortunately you will need to venture outside the FS compound and again supporting el jefe, unless you are a connoisseur of chicken and rice dishes, you may be a little disappointed in Tican fare.

      Be sure to go hiking on all the trails at FS. One of the best kept trails I have ever been on and in grand FS fashion, there is a very refreshing shower at the top waiting to cool you down.

      BTW, this FS is probably the most amazing property I have ever been to. I cant imagine how long it took to build or what hoops they had to go through to secure the property.

      Have a great trip.


      1. Forget the four seasons, go to Lapas Rios in the south. Ulta lux, amazing food. To give you an idea of how important food is to them, they tell the story of how the nature reserve and resort is developed in the context of a cookbook.

        Don't forget to ask for a walk down to the waterfall. It's one of the most romantic and special place on the planet.