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Jun 21, 2006 04:34 PM

Prague - What a Great Place in Vinorady

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Just returned from Prague and had wonderful food experiences. One really worth mentioning that I stumbled upon - I did not find a mention of it in any of the guides, on-line, or here is a marvelous Italian one - Aromi! Manesova 48/1442 - at the intersection of Manesova and U. Kanalky, just off Vinoharadska. Phone: 222 713 222. their website is

What a FANTASTIC dinner - beautiful fresh fish...they present the fish and describe various presentations...(not for those who do not like seeing fresh fish - look the other direction), tremendous pastas, duck, veal, beef and other preparations...Excellent salads, an affordable and wonderful wine list...servers are soooo helpful. One named Jan, was so friendly and made very good wine suggestions, another Martin spoke excellent English and really reached out to make the dining experience easy and magnificient...The owner Ricardo, spoke to our table and was charming...

I tend to always rely on Chowhounds when I travel and this is one not to be missed.


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  1. Great to hear! I love that neighborhood, too.

    Someone I know also raved about this place to me last week, and they've been getting rave reviews since they first opened - but there's a bit of a herd mentality in the Prague media (small town...), so you never know if you should trust the hype.

    I really need to try it - conveniently, I'm moving to Prague at the end of July so that should be easy enough.

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      Now I noticed that I had indeed previously mentioned Aromi here. So I take the credit for first mention, hee hee!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Just got back from Prague and ate at Aromi. Meal was fantastic. I had a scallop appetizer and she had fried scmorza cheese with proscuitto. Delicious. For the main course I had pumpkin ravioli with clams and she had the vongole. Delicious. Dessert was memorable. Cappuccino creme brulee with cantucci cookies that were excellent. Great meal as well as a beautiful restaurant. After you are done take a walk over to the Prague TV tower and go to the top for beautiful views. To get to Aromi take the green metro line to the Jhiro Z Podebrad stop and then ask someody to point you in the right direction. Enjoy.