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mama's fish house

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ok i've read that some love it and some hate it but we're going for someone's birthday so i don't have a choice, but what is wonderful to order?
thanks much

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  1. I am one of the people who loved it.

    I remember the tuna as being the best I have had anywhere.

    I also remember having a wonderful drink -- it was similar to a pina colada, but with vodka.


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      Kelly Migliaccio

      That drink is called the relaxer but it is made with vodka and it also has creme de cacao in it so it has a slight chocolate flavor-delicious and rich!!

    2. hello, sounds like you might be familiar with the varieties of fish Maui has that mainlanders rarely see. Mama's gets the best catch from the local pros, and their selection will change accordingly, so I think it's best to get details on what they have at a particular time and the prep, which is what we did and had a great dinner. cheers

      1. We just got back from Maui and ate lunch at Mama's. There were 5 including 2 kids and we spent $250 for lunch with NO ALCOHOL! That being said, it was absolutely worth it. I had a seared tuna appetizer with I think a pineapple chutney (maybe tamarind, maybe curry) that was delicious as was the fish with Maui onions. My husband had a fish stuffed with crabmeat and lobster that was good too. We loved the passion fruit creme brulee and black pearl dessert. The view is amazing and,if your schedule permits, go a little early and enjoy a stroll along the beach. Some of the best kite surfing around is just a few miles east in Ho'okipa (I think that's the spelling) and definitely worth watching for a while. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

        1. Mama's Fish House is the definitive place for fresh fish. My wife and I went there for lunch and $175 later, we were completely satisfied and in awe how easy it was to deliciously spend that kind of scratch on such great catch!

          1. Four of us went last year for dinner and plan on returning this September when we return to Maui. One of my top ten favorite meals ever. I cannot imagine who (other than the cost conscious)would have anything bad to say about, and by the looks of the posts so far, not too many people have bad things to say.

            Yes, it is expensive, but nobody goes there looking for a good deal. You go looking for a great meal and great experience, something Mama's gives you both of.

            Have a great time. Definitely go a little early and stroll the grounds for some great photo opps.


            1. Those of us who are in the "No, thank you for over-priced Hawaiian Disneyland" eating experience at Mama's Fish House likely won't be offering you any dining tips, so answers to your post are sure to be biased.

              MunkeeCIAO who wrote: " I cannot imagine who (other than the cost conscious)would have anything bad to say ....." from the above post is either very naive or inexperienced to think that cost is the lone factor for a negative review. There were plenty of other factors, including over-done fish and hurried service, that clouded my trip to Mama's.

              Because there are plenty of other lovely beaches and coves on this pretty island, I happily leave Mama's to her fans. Good luck on your meal.

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                My fish was also overcooked at Mama's, and nothing stood out as particularly good. Overall, very disappointing. (and expensive!)

              2. Sherri,

                I was kind of surprised to see your post on Mama's Fish House. We have been going there for years, and heve never had a bad meal. In fact, I fondly number our times there as some of our most well-rounded experiences in dining.

                The invective in your post would seem to indicate that you don't appreciate the atmosphere at Mama's, nor being called cheap. Having read some of munkiciao's posts in the past, I would say he is something of a gourmand. He definitely has the goods on Alan Wong's in Honolulu.

                1. At the risk of stirring things up (Can't we chowhounds get along?),I find Sherri's post a reasonable response to MunkeeCIAO's comment: "I cannot imagine who (other than the cost conscious) would have anything bad to say...". For example I have no qualms about spending lots of money for a good meal (just ask my wife or credit card companies) but I would never again go to Mama's. I won't rehash the issues as I've posted them before. That said I realize that many people like the place and respect that. To each our own taste.

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                    I just had an amazing dinner at Mama's, some of the greatest fish I have had anywhere. We did have some small service issues, but the hostess graciously (and excessively) comped us two sets of drinks and apps to make up for some spilled drinks.

                    The place seems to be polarizing, but I for one loved it, and would go back.

                  2. I just ate there 1 week ago and here is my report. We started with the seared ahi sashimi with a grilled pineapple tamarind sauce, the fish chowder, onion soup and the sweet potato fries. The sashimi was awesome, a dark red color that just melted in the mouth. The fish chowder was OK, similar to a Thai coconut milk soup with turmeric with some bacon in there too. the potato fries were good.
                    Dinner was the ahi skewered with sugar cane and grilled, the uku cooked with capers, lobster and the filet mignon. The lobster was divine, the ahi was bland, the uku was overwhelmed by the caper sauce and the bordelaise sauce on the filet was great. Dessert was the delicious black pearl and french press coffee. WE had 1 cosmo, 2 scotches, 1 glass of wine and 2 beers. Grand total for 4 people with tip was $450!!!!!
                    Overall the food was good but not amazing. the service was outstanding and our window table was worth the extra 15 min wait.
                    i will not go back just because it did not Wow me.
                    One memorable dish was the ahi au poivre at Longhi's in Wailea.

                    1. We just got back from Maui late Friday night, and I must say that Mama's was our favorite restaurant that we visited. My husband ordered the King Salmon and I had the Mahi mahi stuffed with lobster, crab, and Maui red onion with an AMAZING coconut lemongrass sauce. The crabcakes with the fire and ice relish for a starter was delish, and for dessert we shared the banana macadamia nut crisp with vanilla bean ice cream. I would go back to Hawai'i just for that meal!!! As others have said, it is very pricey, dinner for the 2 of us with 2 drinks each, a shared app, 2 entrees and shared dessert and coffee was $240 including tip...but SO worth it!