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Jun 21, 2006 06:20 PM

Canales -- has anyone seen these recently?

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I'm on an endless search for canales -- shaped sort of like a madeleine, but taste more like good brioche. I've heard they're sometimes at Citarella, but I've never seen them there.

I'd love to have one, if they exist...

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  1. I've heard that the Bouley bakery has had them, but I've never seen them there. Check this out, a great baker from Antibes. How far would you go to get one?

    1. I don't know for certain if they would have them, but Ceci Cela at 55 spring street would be my guess for finding them. You just made me think of the best canneles I ever had (at La Boulange in SF - try them if you are ever there). I think the Williams Sonoma recipe is supposed to be pretty good if you are up for trying to make them yourself!

      1. I think you could try La Bergamote @ 9th Ave & 18th St. I think they have it there. It's a good French bakery. Other places that I do know that has it are Bouley Bakery, Balthazar in SoHo has it, and Dean & Deluca (their stores, not cafes).

        1. I don't even live in NYC anymore, but when I did, I had my cannele fix on a regular basis from Balthazar. And if you go to Paris.....
          I have recs.

          1. They have them at Balthazar.