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Jun 21, 2006 01:07 PM

Best (budget) Birthday Dinner Restaurant for someone you love more than anything

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Any ideas? Maybe even a BYOB? We looove food and discovering new places? Any recommendations would be appreciated!

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  1. To help narrow things down so Hounds can make appropriate suggestions...

    Cuisine preference(s)?

    What is *your* per person budget? And tell us if that figure includes drinks, tax & tip.

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    1. re: RGR

      New American Cuisine or a fun asian restaurant.

      I would like to spend under $150, including tip and drinks.

      oh yeah, Manhattan would be best.

      1. re: Ann

        Giorgio's of Gramercy is sort of a "hidden gem," though it has gotten a tad less so since being recommended by me and other Hounds. The menu is eclectic, and the food is delicious. Service is friendly and efficient. The decor is very attractive, and the ambiance, overall, is really pleasant. An excellent place to celebrate an occasion without blowing a huge whole in the budget.

        Korean bbq is lots of fun and totally different from American bbq. The one at Kang Suh is excellent.

        Best wishes to the birthday person and Bon Appetit!


    2. Asian - Momofuku or Sushi Seki @ the bar.

      1. Just had a lovely dinner for 2 at Tasting Room for $135 including a bottle of wine but before tip. Telepan tasting menus might also work. Or perhaps Bar Pitti? I have not yet been to Chiyono but from what I read I imagine it might also suit.