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Jun 21, 2006 07:53 PM

anyone been: biggy's (new paltz), 96 main (pok)?

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if so, what are your thoughts? i've checked online before..


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  1. Been there for a takeout ribs lunch. Placed order, then cooled heels for half an hour. Took the ribs home to eat.

    Not bad, but definitely not the best I have ever had, either. They had been grilled to heat them up, then slathered with sauce. Some of the ends were charred, and the meat was tough to get off the bones. Definitely not slow smoked for more than about 4 hours, then grilled to finish if off in a hurry.

    The better BBQ places in the Hudson Valley (Barnstormer, Hickory, and (I know, it's a chain) Smokey Bones in Albany) are better than Biggy's. I'll give them another try in about a month to see if they figured it out yet. (Low and slow smoking)...

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      Been to the Barnstormer, The Piggy Bank in Beacon, and Biggy's. Barnstormer is definitely the best of those. The first thing I noticed about Biggy's is where is the smokey smell? It didn't smell like a BBQ place.The sides were good- no sweet potato fries, though, but the meat was definitely not slow cooked.

    2. Sorry, I was talking about Biggys... haven't been to 96 main yet.

      1. Biggy's is fine , not exactly pit barbeque, but the food is reasonably priced and nicely presented ,better than average presentation for BBQ.

        1. New Paltz cue-head strongly concurs with all of the above. You can get a decent meal here, but it's not down home cue. My big problem with Biggy's is with their sauce -- it's sweet, unctuous, almost candy like. On my last visit, I got a sampler of pulled meats and requested "sauce on the side." I got the sauce on the side all right, but the meats were still slathered in the stuff. It's too bad because -- although this isn't the real deal pit Q -- the meats are tasty enough on their own. The sides are the real find here: freshly prepared and creative. I especially like their "green of the day." Try that with half a roasted chicken. It won't sate your cue craving, but your cardiologist will love you for it.

          1. coby. coby. coby. go there and you will know what this means.