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Jun 21, 2006 01:11 PM

Best Bagels in New York that can be shipped to bagel-starved me in Boston(It's War)

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The subject pretty much explains it. They have to ship, so let me know what's worth the postage. Go nuts.

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  1. Try Terrace Bagels in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Among the city's best, and there's a post office right across the street. Even if they don't ship, I bet one of the guys would walk some over if you promise a few extra bucks. (718) 768-3943.

    1. My vote would go to H & H bagels.
      They do a large mailorder business so they probably have the shipping part down pat.

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      1. Tiny Bagel Hole on 7th Ave. and 12th St. in Brooklyn has true bagels. (Let me clarify: It's called "Bagel Hole" and it's tiny. It's not called "Tiny Bagel Hole.") Exterior is crispy and chewy, interior is great yeasty aroma and taste slightly of malt, as it should. Hand-rolled, boiled, the whole thing. I can't promise that they ship, but I'll check if I'm in this week.

        I always liked H&H, but bagels have gotten softer, sweeter, and PRICIER over the years. They certainly ship.

        Good old Zabar's makes a good bagel and does shipping.

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