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Best Bagels in New York that can be shipped to bagel-starved me in Boston(It's War)

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The subject pretty much explains it. They have to ship, so let me know what's worth the postage. Go nuts.

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  1. Try Terrace Bagels in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Among the city's best, and there's a post office right across the street. Even if they don't ship, I bet one of the guys would walk some over if you promise a few extra bucks. (718) 768-3943.

    1. My vote would go to H & H bagels.
      They do a large mailorder business so they probably have the shipping part down pat.

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      1. Tiny Bagel Hole on 7th Ave. and 12th St. in Brooklyn has true bagels. (Let me clarify: It's called "Bagel Hole" and it's tiny. It's not called "Tiny Bagel Hole.") Exterior is crispy and chewy, interior is great yeasty aroma and taste slightly of malt, as it should. Hand-rolled, boiled, the whole thing. I can't promise that they ship, but I'll check if I'm in this week.

        I always liked H&H, but bagels have gotten softer, sweeter, and PRICIER over the years. They certainly ship.

        Good old Zabar's makes a good bagel and does shipping.

        1. Bagel Oasis on Horace Harding (LIE svce road) just east of Utopia Parkway is really good as well -- I believe that they also ship.

          1. Hey, Richard. Forget ordering bagels from New York. How about just going to Arlington and buying H&H Bagels? They import them from New York to Bagels by US at 789 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, 781-646-2662. When I lived in Boston that place saved my sanity many a time.

            1. heck if you're going to have them shipped, why don't you get them from montreal? i'm a born and raised outer borough chick and don't get me wrong.. i love the bagels out here.

              but i then went to the 2 main bagel rivals in montreal (i think one is called bagel factory or something of that sort) and that took the cake by far.

              the inside isn't too doughy like they are here and the outside is perfectly soft and crispy.

              it was sooo good i was able to eat half a dozen with nothing on it - no cream cheese or anything. heaven!

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                Montreal bagels are totally different animals from NY ones - fluffy, soft and sweet. Good, but won't fix an NYC bagel craving.

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                  They are different and I don't want to start a never ending debate, but when you have your fill of NY bagels, you might wanna give 'em a try.
                  Maybe try St. Viateur
                  they ship to US:

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                    I doubt welle is interested in bringing up this never ending (or at least 6 yr old!) debate either.

                    (he posted 6 years ago - see date)

                    1. re: thegforceny

                      Its not the first time making such a gaffe, likely not the last, but.....
                      I swear when I posted, it was in the current discussion board. Now scanning the posts, they' re ALL from 2006.
                      I'm hearing theme music from The Twighlight Zone and Rod Serling is whispering in my ear......

              2. I hate taking the talk out of the borough, so I'll just say for your sake I hope Bagel Hole ships. BUT, that said, have you ever been to Rosenfeld's Bagels in Newton Center? Granted it's been a while for me, but they are crusty, chewy, and as I recall (although I may be tasting the bagel I last ate-- from somewhere on Avenue N and the E50s where my grandmother picks them up) with malty taste.

                I can at least say that they're worth checking out, at least to tide you over until that shipment arrives.

                1. I have to second Rosenfeld's Bagels in Newton Center. I grew up in Newton and am now in NY and I actually bring Rosenfeld's bagels back when I go for a visit. Coals to Newcastle maybe but I can't find anything quite as good in my neighborhood. I would say they're at least worth a try.

                  1. Just curious -- am I missing something? I'm originally from Boston but have lived in Manhattan for over 25 years. When I'm visiting Boston, I'm perfectly happy with Zeppy's Bagels.

                    1. Is Kupel's still in Coolidge Corner? What's worng with their bagels?

                      1. Bagel Hole, Bagel Hole, Bagel Hole. Real taste, real texture, and plenty are well done that they'll happily dig out for you.
                        But in the city, Murray's might still be tasty and sometimes done enough, but big. H&H is way past whatever it was. I haven't been to Zabars in years but I'd guess they're probably still good.
                        My folks like the minis at Fairway in Plainview - not a whole lot of special taste but chewy all the way through, and apparently closer in size to the bagels they grew up with in Brownsville and Coney Island.
                        Surrounding 'burbs may have some unknown gems, as mentioned above, since so many Jewish people moved out of the boros in the second half of the century. However, I can tell by observation, the quantity of bagel shops out on LI has dropped sharply and less are owned by Jews, just like here.

                        1. H and H Midtown East in Manhattan (81st and 2nd; not related to THE H and H). In my opinion, these are the best bages in Manhattan. And cheaper than THE H and H.

                          1. Also, FYI, there is currently an article in the online edition of the Times about how/if the filtration of New York City water will affect bagels