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Jun 21, 2006 01:00 PM

Park Slope Recommendations

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So I just moved to (north) Park Slope and would love any and all food recommendations. I've gone through the recent chow-posts, but would also love more suggestions.

Best Italian, Best Middle Eastern, Best Thai, Best Indian, Best Mexican, etc.?

I've gotten a lot of recommendations about the fancier places (convivium osteria, applewood, tempo, frannies,
rosewater, stone park) but am wondering what else people would recommend?


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  1. middle eastern - Mr. Felafel on 7th Ave.
    indian - Joy (on flatbush ave)
    italian - Amorina or its sister osteria Aliseo on Vanderbilt Ave($25 prix fixe some weekdays)
    japanese - taro on dean; geido on flatbush
    hispanic - los pollitos II on fifth Ave; other mexicans farther down 5th Ave.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      second los pollitos! their enchiladas are great and they have nice outdoor seating. just don't sit next to the basement bulkhead, or you'll be hit in the face with hot, smelly basement breath.

      1. re: me,lon

        Third Los Pollitos. In particular, they have great roast chicken, which comes with excellent sauces.

        1. re: Spencer
          p.d. wheatstraw

          ...that they're always out of when you get the roast chicken delivered. particularly that amazing green cilantro stuff that i need to either a) learn how to make or b) stockpile the stuff and drink it with a straw on hot days.

          also, speaking of cilantro, sandwiches at Tempo Presto are a great summer lunch...the grilled chicken w/cilantro pesto, avocado, cucumber and balsamic onions is sub-$7 nirvana. apparently another location is opening in the old Mojo Cafe (7th Ave @ 3rd St.) this fall.


      2. re: jen kalb
        Peter Cherches

        Jen, I didn't like Joy. I found it roughly equivalent to a 6th Street joint.

        1. re: Peter Cherches

          its much better than 6th- I think it depends on what you choose - I noticed that they dont really try with the dal and cabbage sides, but we have had good luck with stuff like chickpeas, eggplant, samosa and lamb curry (they dont offer the goat any more).

          what did you have?

          1. re: jen kalb

            Can't remember. It was shortly after thy opened.

          2. re: Peter Cherches

            I didn't like it, either. I'm happier walking to 5th Ave and 11th St for Kinara.

        2. Italian: Anthony's on 7th Ave
          Thai: Beet (also on 7th ave)

          Mexican: Rachel's on 5th, and I also like Happy Tortilla on 7th. (No, it's not authentic, blah blah. But it's cheap, quick, and good.) Tacos Nuevos Mexicos on 5th is okay, but delivery takes forever and most of the stuff is cold by the time it gets to you, although it's good if you eat in.

          Middle Eastern: Either Olive Vine or for just a good falafel, I really like Pita Pan (if you can get past the groaner of a name, the food is tasty.)

          Haven't tried any of the Indian, but for Chinese I like East Cuisine and Red Hot on 5th. I've also heard good things about Hunan Delight on Union & 6th, but I have not personally tried it.

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          1. re: Offbalance

            Tacos Nuevo Mexico is far far better than the other two places you've lumped it with. I never do delivery, so I'll take your word for it in that regard. Tacos are fine, but I more often enjoy the pastor or spicy chicken tortas, the soups, and the great Mexican breakfast plates. Large dishes aren't that great, especially for the money.
            I wouldn't recommend any of the Chinese places, although if you must eat at one of them, I guess I'd go with Red Hot, or the place on 5th Ave between 16th & Prospect.
            Tost is a fine spot for panini, with good combinations on Sullivan St Bakery bread -- the dressing they use on their greens is great, btw. Parco next door turns out some nice croissant-based sandwiches and savory pies and the like.
            The 4th Ave take-out place mentioned above is called Flowers & Coffee, a flower stand that serves flavorful, homemade soups, tasty aqua frescas, not very good coffee, and the aforementioned pretty good tamales. In the evening they turn out some impressive moles over rice, pork dishes with green sauce, lasagna, salmon, and some other stuff. The owner, Javier, is a sweetheart of a guy. I like to go there after work, sit at the one outdoor table and eat something and watch the people go by from the train.


            1. re: Peter Cuce

              When I was there last it was cold out. I sat outside anyway, with a cup of very nice bean soup. Perfect!

              Thanks for the reminder that I need to get back there and try some of those dinner entrees.

            2. re: Offbalance

              I also like Happy Tortilla - cheap, tasty, and filling. They make good flour tortillas. As stated above, not authentic, but it's a good source for delivery. Last night I had their fish burrito for $5.39 - HUGE - too big for the tortilla to be rolled all the way over, and filled with rice, beans, a generous serving of chunks of white fish, tomato, lettuce, etc.

            3. p
              Peter Cherches

              Go to El Gran Castillo de Jagua for the great Cuban Sandwiches & other Dominican/Cuban staples, not to mention the friendly vibe.


              1. Some other recommendations are:

                Christies (jamaican) is a take out place on flatbush in between 7th ave and 8th ave, get a chicken (or beef) patty sandwich, only about 2 dollars for one.

                Kinara (indian) on 5th ave btw 10th and 11th st. Is good and particularly cheap for lunch (1/2 off) and has a good delivery deal. Sometimes it's difficult to get service, but the food is usually worth it.

                Maria's (mexican) on Union just east of 4th avenue is pretty good, although some people have complained about service issues. Beans are surprisingly bad (in my opinion) but their entrees (in particular, the three cheese chile relleno and molcajeta chicken) are pretty good.

                Also, there is a small take out place on 4th avenue btw 10th and 11th, that serves soup, some entrees, and tamales. The tamales aren't the best in new york, but they are pretty good. The baked goods have been surprisingly good as well.

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                1. re: Spencer

                  Maria's definitely has service issues. On a recent visit -- on a Wednesday night -- it took 35 minutes to get a drink to the table. The food another 20. Then we had to leave our table to walk up to the waitress to ask for our check. Then she charged us $8 for guacamole we never ordered (b/c if you pay $8 for one mashed up avacado, you are crazy). All this went down as the owner was standing right there. Apparently, they were down a server. Didn't seem to bother the owner. He wasn't hustling to help out. Just seemed to illustrate that he doesn't really care that much about his customers.

                  And, frankly, the food isn't that good anyway.

                  1. re: rginps

                    I actually went last night. It did take a while for the food to arrive, and the dishes we ordered (we tried new thngs) were not as good as the ones we used to like. However, other than the slightly higher price than I would like to pay, I think the food is pretty good. They actually make things spicy (could still be spicier).

                    Also, they renovated and opened up a large dining room in the back. Not sure how that will help with the service issues, but there is much more room there now.

                    At any rate, I think the service was bad, but I've had much worse in Park Slope, with the most egregious example Coco Roco. They were completely swamped the one night I went and could have used two more employees at least.

                2. Bonnie's Grill makes a good burger and awesome wings.
                  Instead of Rachel's Taqueria on 5th, go to their original store Taqueria on 7th Ave off Berkley.
                  Taro Sushi
                  The Chocolate Room

                  A place to avoid...Rancho Allegre.