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Jun 21, 2006 09:33 PM

Best HUMMUS in the city?

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Where can I find the best hummus in Manhattan?

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  1. No question about it... best hummus in the city is at, The Hummus Place. There is one on St. Marks between 1st ave and ave A, another on Macdougal between bleeker and west 3rd - cheap and great.. Man, im going their for lunch today

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    1. re: Oren
      foodie for life

      i absolutely agree. Hummus Place!

        1. re: Oren

          I didn't think Hummus Place's hummus was all that great.

          1. re: big o

            I must agree with big o, on this one. Maybe we cought an off night, or something, but both my boyfriend and I thought the hummus at 'Hummus Place' was quite bland. It was such a disappointment, because I was so looking forward to trying this place!

            1. re: MM

              Bland is the right word. The hummus I had tasted of nothing more than tahini. I appreciated all of the extra bits packed into my order (the pickles and whatnot), but the hummus itself could not have been more underwhelming. Especially after the chowhound raves.

              I'll probably give them another shot at some point, but with better options closer to home(Hoomoos Asli, for one), it may be awhile.

            2. re: big o

              I second big o.
              imo - Hummus place's hummus is bland. The best I've had was a Lebanese place in DC. Still looking for a similar experience in NYC.

              1. re: markz

                The best I've had is in Baton Rouge: the Lebanese restaurant market is quite saturated and therefore competitive and therefore very well missed.

                So, I'm looking for something similar to that in NYC.

                1. re: markz

                  I tried Hummus Kitchen's 'Chick Pea' hummus and it was most to my liking - that is: most like the hummus I 'cut my teeth' on while living in Baton Rouge.

                  Israeli hummus, as found at Hummus Place, is strong on tahini and I personally don't care for tahini that much.

                  The staff at Hummus Kitchen were also very friendly and in good spirits.

                  Their hummus was totally worth going many blocks out of my way.

                  Hope this helps.

                  Hummus Kitchen
                  768 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

                  Hummus Kitchen
                  444 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

                  1. re: BillTotman

                    Baton Rouge and hummus? What am I missing? Is there a community like in Dearborn, you're referencing?

                    Real hummus is meant to have some kick, from tahini or an acidic fruit.

                    "Israeli hummus" isn't really a style, unless you count toppings (sundried tomatoes and that kind of thing). In New York, we talk about "Israeli style", because as the middle eastern spots started to become generic, they were the first to feature hummus as a main course on menus, served with thicker pita instead of the cheap processed cardboard that had become standard. The appearance of Shakshouka on the menu at both Hummus Place, and Hummus Kitchen could indicate they could actually both be "Israeli style". That dish originated in Morocco and Tunisia, but it's crossed over in Israel and become like a national dish. Again, you would mostly see it on menus from Israeli owned establishments in NY, but now it's starting to pop up at less obvious places like Barbounia.

                    250 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10003

                    1. re: sugartoof

                      There is are several, very popular, Lebanese restaurants in Baton Rouge and the competition is high, which means high quality in return.

                      I don't know the history of Hummus. There are a lot of Moroccans in Israel and the tahini 'kick' you refer to is all I found while visiting Israel - it seems to be their preference - and it's neither what I'm used to nor what I prefer.

                      Perhaps someone else would like to know about Hummus Kitchen as well.

                      Hummus Kitchen
                      768 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

                      1. re: BillTotman

                        The better tahinis come out of Lebanon actually, and Israelis often use their imported stuff. Have you checked out Lebanese restaurant here in NY too?

                        Hummus Kitchen is actually Israeli.

                        NY Times listed them in a roundup of Israeli style places, and they feature Israeli root beer on the menu.

                        Hummus Place does have 2 different versions, one with extra Tahini, and one without. The St. Marks flagship location has really gone down hill either way.

                        1. re: sugartoof

                          @Sugartoof? I'm actually planning to visit the St. Mark's Pl Hummus Place. When did you last visit? I used to frequent this location a lot. Why don't you like it anymore? And how about the MacDougal location?

                          1. re: gargupie

                            It's been about 8 months since my last visit to Hummus Place on St. Marks; so maybe it's improved since?

                            I probably wouldn't go back, honestly. They remodeled, and opened up the space and the quality of food changed with it- the hummus was bland, and watered down, the pita wasn't fresh or warm. My friends I brought complained about their soup, dolma, and even the coffee.

                            I've never been to the MacDougal location, but it still attracts crowds when I pass by.

                          2. re: sugartoof

                            Have you tried Hoomoos Asli? Again, I used to go there for my weekly hummus sandwich, but that was 2 years ago.

                            Hoomoos Asli
                            100 Kenmare St, New York, NY 10012

                            1. re: gargupie

                              Not recently, but Hoomoos Asli used to be my spot for falafel too. The hummus alone is a bit dull. Haven't been there since they closed/reopened.

                              Hoomoos Asli
                              100 Kenmare St, New York, NY 10012

              2. n

                Yummy, on 7th Avenue South and Bleeker.

                Best tabouleh and best pita bread too.

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                1. re: NativeNewYorker

                  I thought Yummy was good too, but the guys working there were so overbearingly macho I wasn't sure I could go back.

                  1. I am obsessed with Cedar's hummus sold in a multitude of flavors at whole foods. The garlic lovers flavor is outstanding!

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                    1. re: Lily

                      Among store-bought brands, I much prefer Sabra hummus to Cedar's. An Israeli co-worker turned me on to Sabra. He says it's the only brand available in the U.S. that tastes authentic to him. After tasting that, going back to any of the other brands is difficult for me. It's a bit expensive, but worth it. They have it at National Wholesale Liquidators on Broadway just north of Houston on the mezzanine with some other food. I've seen it at Fairway too, but with less of a selection of flavors. I've also seen it at a ShopRite in Nutley NJ (so maybe they have it at the ShopRite in Brooklyn too), where it's oddly more expensive than at NWL. That's peculiar because usually ShopRite has the best prices on everything.

                      As for eateries, I've gotta go with the Humus Place. My two Israeli co-workers like it too. They say it's the best in the city but that it would only be average in Israel. Caveat: Haven't tried Hoomoos Asli yet.

                    2. Hummus Place all the way!!! It isn't bland it's just not filled with additional flavors like roasted garlic or red peppers like the store bought brands.