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New Job - whats to eat at 38th St. and 6th Ave?

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Well, the subject pretty much says it. I got a new job and I am moving away from my current nabe (murray hill area) Except for Keens on 36th and 6th and Virgils on 44th I am unfamiliar with that neck of the woods. My new employer took me to lunch at Heartland (base of Empire State Bldg) but that place just doesn't float my boat

Need all kinds of recommends for solo lunches and for client lunches, even dinner although I will usually go to one of my fav's for dinner without worrying about being local. But lunch you gotta be local; mostly, my current employer used to get royally p*ssed when I took the long lunch at Katz's

Please tell me where I can get a decent sandwich, that's something that I have not found here in Murray Hill

When I moved to Murray Hill all the chowhounders helped me out so I hope you can again,

by the way thanks for Copper Chimney, Turkish Kitchen, I trulli, La Petite Auberge all places I went to cause of Chowhound. (Blue Smoke, Park Bistro and Molly's I already knew about ;-)

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  1. z

    If you are into Korean food, you are in the right neighboorhood. If you like buffets... even better.

    Arang is on 32nd btw Broadway and 5th

    Link: http://www.midtownlunch.com

    1. 'wichcraft kiosks in Bryant Park
      the Sichuan restaurant (drawing a blank on the name right now) on 38th btwn 5th and 6th for pretty good spicy chinese
      Zaytinz on 40th btwn 5th and 6th for a decent upscale deli type place.
      Yum Thai on 44th btwn 6th and 7th for good, greasy thai (number 14 is the best there)

      1. My office is in the exact same area and I am sorry to report that there is not a lot other than some pizza and run of the mill delis. Szechuan Gourmet on 39th between 5th and 6th is very good, especially if you like very spicy chinese food.

        1. Mandoo on 32nd between 5th and 6th; Korean, great dumplings, sit down or take out, and I always felt comfortable sitting alone for lunch there when I worked in the area.

          1. There's a starwich at 38th & 6th, so that might fulfill your sandwich needs.

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              john barry's restaurant- 39th btwn 5th n 6th is money..

              clients will be impressed with koi- 40th and around 6th ave

            2. Keen's steakhouse is 36th and 6th.

              1. dbBistro Moderne, 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's take on "moderne" French bistro cuisine, is on 44th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs. The food is excellent, and the contemporary decor is attractive. Certainly a good spot for client lunches, or if you feel like treating yourself. In addition to the a la carte menu (which includes the infamous foie gras burger), they offer a 2-course lunch prix-fixe, cost dependent on which main dish you order ($32-$38).


                Cafe Un Deux Trois, on 44th St., b/t B'way & 6th, is a French bistro on a decidely less upscale level than db.


                Branzini, on the corner of Madison & 41st, is a trattoria-style restaurant with a menu that leans Mediterranean. The lunch menu inclues salads, paninis, pastas, etc., and one of the best preparations of the eponymous fish I have had anywhere. Frankly, I wouldn't go there for dinner because the tables are *very* closely packed. But for lunch, it's o.k. in my book.

                If you're willing to walk a few blocks east to Park Av., AQ Cafe, in the Scandinavian House, b/t 37th & 38th Sts., has a cafeteria-style set-up. Aquavit's chef Marcus Samuelsson is responsible for the menu of salads, sandwiches, and hot dishes. (Love the Swedish meatballs!). Lots of tables in an attractive lobby setting.


                Ben's Kosher Deli, on 38th St., b/t 7th & 8th Avs., is a place where you can get that sandwich you crave. How decent will it be? I have no idea since I've never been there. But I recall posts from Hounds indicating that the food's pretty good. Certainly worth a try.


                Best of luck in your new job and Bon Appetit!

                1. I second Yum Thai.

                  Korean, I recommend Kunjip on 32nd, they have lunch specials that are a great value. Mandoo bar is also good.

                  For your afternoon happy hour, the Ginger Man, Under the Volcano and the roof deck of the Metro hotel.

                  Clients I suggest Artisinal, Wolfgangs, or Asia de Cuba. In Grandcentral Metrazur (impressive for out of towners) or Cafe Centro (not really in GCT) Client drinks maybe at "230 5th".

                  Maybe a bit far but you can find a wide selection of goodies on 46th between 5th and 6th. Including a decent Turkish, Argentinian, Brazilian (including a glass case of takeout savory pastries), a great Kosher Schwarma place, an hispanic deli with great roast pork (Cafe Cello) and a Popeyes for that heavy grease craving.

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                    If you are going to go up that far, there are also some great places on 46th between 6th and 7th.

                    Kati Roll (for Indian burritos)
                    Maragon (for Cuban)
                    and Kwik Meal is a good falafel cart on 45th and 6th.

                    Midtown Lunch Blog: http://www.midtownlunch.com

                  2. If a walk to 38th betwen 7th and 8th will not be too far for you, then Veronica's has some really good freshly-prepared pasta and other Italian dishes that has been a staple in the Garment District area for quite a long time now. Fyi, this is steam table, very informal eating establishment.

                    1. Veronica is long gone, replaced by a totally uninspiring deli called Haru, (no relation to Haru, and they don't sell sushi).
                      A couple of places worthy and better than worthy: Camino Sur, on 37th between 8th and 9th, 38St Chinese Restaurant, on 38th just east of 8th Avenue, Ida Mae's Kitchen and Lounge, (38th between 7th and Broadway), Eat a Pita, (very good shawarma and falafel on 38th between 7th and 8th), Lazzarra's Pizza, on 38th just west of 7th avenue and a lot of good stuff on 9th Avenue, but perhaps a bit far for lunch.

                      1. Djerdan on 38th, just west of 7th is very good.

                        1. Pick a Pita is the best cheap eats spot in the neighborhood
                          247 W 38th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves (212-730-7482)

                          1. Thanks all
                            I've tried Lazarra's Pizza, pretty good even though everything served is a "grandma" style slice, still the best in the neighborhood. Szechuan Gourmet is very good, the pork chen dou style is excellent. Pick a Pita lives up to it's billing a small spot in a freight entrence (walked past it the first time) spicey chicken schwarma is the dish there. Ben's deli was OK, but nothing to brag about. Keen's for the sirlion tip sandwich, and a nice scotch. Gingers on 7th btwn 37 & 38 si very good, but packed every lunchtime.

                            Any other ideas in the area?

                            1. i like aq cafe in the scandinavia house.

                              delectica on 3rd ave at 38th st also has good euro toast sandwiches and salads.