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Jun 21, 2006 01:10 PM

Best Bagels in New York that can be shipped to bagel-starved me in Boston(It's War)

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The subject pretty much explains it. They have to ship, so let me know what's worth the postage. Go nuts.

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  1. Ess-a-bagel, the one on 21 and 1st, but they aren't nearly as good a day old.

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    1. re: Fred

      And Ess-a-bagel does not do mail order. Stick with H&H - you can order from their website.


      1. re: devil

        They actually do mail order, not smart to speak when you don't know what you are talking about. They have a large sign right in front when you walk in stating just that fact. Not sure about midtown, but the original does mail order!

        1. re: Fred

          I am sorry. I am just going by their website, which has no mention of mail order.

    2. I am convinced that there are NO bagels worth the postage in Manhattan. Ess-a-Bagel is my favorite of the bunch, but their bagels are way too large. The bialys at Kossar's are, however. If you require bagels, I recommend Utopia Bagels in Queens or Bagel Hole in Brooklyn.

      1. I'd take finagle a bagel over anything in New York.

        1. H & H bagels ships everywhere I used to send them to my sister in charleston, made her the hit of her dorm- I think they are the best in NYC

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          1. re: Marye

            I strongly disagree--not only are they too large, which is endemic to Manhattan bagels, but they are sweet-tasting (I think they put sugar in the dough to speed the rising). Blech.

            1. re: Marye

              I agree, H&H are the best I've found in Manhattan. They don't taste sweet to me.

              I like Murray's too, but only for certain kinds. Their spinach bagels are the best.

              I also like Bagels in the Square (I think that's the name, on 6th Ave near Bleecker) but only for their dark pumpernickle bagel with sesame seeds. Add some of their bacon horseradish cream cheese to that for a great snack.

            2. I don't know about the other boroughs but I've yet to find a bagel shop in Manhattan that impresses me. The best I've found here are Iggy's at Whole Foods in Union Square. Crusty outside, chewy inside. They're based in Cambridge on Fawcett Street. I used to love those on Sundays with the Globe and a shmear!