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Jun 21, 2006 12:00 PM

Penzey's counter in Grand Central

  • j

Has anyone been to the new Penzey's in the Grand Central Market? I just walked by for a glance yesterday, everything looked and smelled very nice.

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  1. Haven't tried the new location but if it's like any of their other locations or mail-order, they have very good quality spices. Enjoy!

    1. Most of the catalog selection is there, but they don't carry some of the smaller sizes.

      1. It's amazing. I bought some bay leaves there and they were the freshest, most fragrant bay leaves I've ever found (and I've been searching for good bay leaves for a while). And the prices were unexpectedly low. Way better than the Adriana's Spice Caravan that used to be there.

        1. Their lemon pepper is the best ever. It's great on so many things, roast chicken, potatoes, fish, etc.

          1. Been going to the store in Norwalk CT near Stew's and now commute to NY. The GCT place has real nice people and have everything so far that i have asked for but not exactly in the size i was looking for.

            My new favorite is the Shallot-Pepper. Great on chicken and fish. Family thinks I am a seasoning genius.

            Has the Jfood seal of approval. :-)))