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Jun 21, 2006 11:44 AM

Crispo- Great, great meal

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Went to Crispo last night and had a great meal. The carbonara was great, as were the risotto balls. The waiter was attentive and helpful. The bill for 2 people with 2 apps, 2 pastas and a bottle of wine was $100 (incl tip). The back garden is a hidden gem. The interior is also very welcoming.

Thanks for the rec Chowhounds.

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  1. always a great place to go

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      agree. one of the best places in the city

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        Really? I went for the first time a few weeks back after reading great things about it and was pretty disappointed. I had the special--a papardelle with wild mushrooms and only one of the varieties was actually "wild." Also started with the prosciutto, which was of quality I'd expect to get in Little Italy, but the mozzarella was excellent. My husband had a veal entree, which was fine, but not really memorable. Our bill was just over $100, including 2 beers. Since Italian restaurants are just about everywhere you look these days, I don't really see any reason to return...did we miss something?

      2. I went to Crispo last for the first time. I've actually been inside a few times, but couldn't get in as a walk-in. Somehow, from this and the loud bar, I had the impression that it's a bit of a scene.

        Last night, it was a quiet Sunday, especially because it was a holiday weekend, and the service from top to bottom couldn't have been more pleasant and relaxed.

        I have to confirm the conventional wisdom. The carbonara was sensational, the best I've had in New York. The risotto balls were terrific, but so were the fried zucchini flowers, a special, but one that is often available in season. One friend ordered spaghetti and meat balls (veal), that were fine but not as exciting as the carbonara. The veal that a friend had was standard-issue old-school "fancy" -- not to my taste. The Brussels sprouts side was wonderful -- they tsted like a frternal twin to the carbonara.

        I'll be back, with focus on the starters.

        1. i really like crispo as well. i had some great polenta there once. and isn't that back garden lovely?

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            The back garden is lovely, indeed, but it was too humid for me yesterday to sit outside.

          2. ..the first time i went shortly after they opened i had one of the best dishes i've ever had -- a rich, crispy on the outside pork bracciola, which clearly wasn't much like the traditional red sauce italian version, but was mind-bogglingly good. and they havent had it on the menu since. anyone experienced or seen it there in the last 2 years or so?