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Jun 21, 2006 10:46 AM

GOOD waterside restaurants Hampton Beach NH area

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Hi I'm looking for the above - not touristy, not wildly expensive - just a decent place to relax and be able to see the water (ocean or other). Not interested in noise/nightlife/music - just good food in a nice setting.

any suggestions?


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  1. Not many places at HB where you can actually see the water from the restaurant.

    I would recommend Ron's Landing, you can order off the lighter fare menu, smaller quantities/prices for the dishes on the main menu. You can see the water from the upper floor.

    Another choice is a new restaurant this year. Just ate there last night for the first time called "931 Ocean", you can't actaully see the water though. 931 Ocean is located where Kennedy's used to be at the intersection of Rt27 (High Street) and Rt1A, ~2 miles from the main beach. They have an outdoor patio, but your view is of the foot traffic and vehicle traffic, not the water. The food was very good, on par with Rons. Entres were all under $20, I had the tuna which was $19 and the most expensive thing on the menu. Dinner for 2 including cocktails was under $60.

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      Hi - thanks for your recommendation. I guess I can forgo the water for good food! like any good chowhound should. I wil check it out - I'm staying on the beach there in Aug for a few days. I ate lobster at a place overlooking the waterway right in downtown Portsmouth last summer and it was okay - nothing spectacular though.

    2. Not exactly in Hampton Beach, but a very nice drive up the coast to Portsmouth is BG's

      Not touristy at all. Nice outdoor seating right on Sagamore Creek. Great fried seafood and good beer in plastic cups.

      1. Hi thanks for writing - I checked out BG's website - it looks like the right setting - not sure I want FRIED seafood but the setting looks perfect! Portsmouth is not out of the question - it's really not that far away. I just want some food that is kinda out of the ordinary but I may have to settle for it at a place that is not on the water, like any good chowhound should be able to do.

        thanks again

        1. I've been to BG's once and wasn't impressed. You could just go down the road (rt1B) another 1/2 mile and go to the Wentworth. View is killer (best in the area), but more expensive than other recommendations. There is a little cafe at the Wentworth, down by the docks. If you go the Wentworth by the Sea WWW you can find it I'm sure.

          You could also venture up into Maine, take the State Street bridge in Portsmouth over to Maine, keep going past Warren's Lobster pound and follow the signs for Rt103. The drive is spectacular, eventually pulling into York, ME. Along Rt103 pau attention to the little signs and you will find Chauncey Creek Lobster, probably the quaintest lobster spot in the area. There is also Captain Simeon's Gallery, but I don't have experience there and can't recommend it one way or the other.

          To be honest, lobster is lobster. Folks get all worked about finding the best lobster. If a lobster meal is all your after, then go to Browns on the marsh in Seabrook, NH. It's a byob place, picnic tables - nothing fancy. But their steamed lobster is as good as any place else.

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            I used to live in Maine and kinda have "been there done that" but it certainly is not out of the question, and you are totally right about lobster being lobster. Thanks for your hint about the cafe at Wentworth - that too is on the short list.

          2. Saunder's at Rye Harbor sounds like exactly what you're looking for.

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              yes it does - the website shows just the view I'm looking for. Thanks!