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Jun 21, 2006 09:49 PM

The Ship in Saugus/Lynnfield

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Has anyone been to the restaurant in the ship on Route 1 in Saugus/Lynnfield? I heard it may now be a Greek restaurant but am having trouble finding details. Any information and reviews would be terrific.

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  1. Sure, they are going to call it Meze and charge 50 bucks for a lamb shank!

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    1. re: Geek Man

      Not so, we stopped in last week expecting Italian, and the prices seemed reasonable. Certainly cheaper than Ithaxi.

      And the name is not Meze. It was something generic, like "Athaenian". I forget what, exactly.

      They said they've been open about 6 weeks. And yet they don't have walk-off copies of their menus yet. This is really bad business. If they had had them when we stopped (like most places), I would be sitting here right informing you all of their name and specifics.

      Speaking of which, Antonia's on Revere Beach STILL doesn't have theirs either! What has it been - 6 months?

      They claimed their website was to come up last week, but as I sit here now, it's 404 as always.

      I might forgive this, but for the stubbornness with which the manager insisted it would "be up tomorrow...for sure".

      1. re: Geek Man

        I do not know about the ship reincarnation - are you really serious?
        But there is a new Greek restaurant Northbound on Rt One in the same area - it is in the old pancake shop just beyond the Bertucci's.

        1. re: samiam

          Yes, I saw a sign up a few weeks ago and it looked like it was open. I remember it said "Greek American" food and was named something like "Mediterranean".

          1. re: Chris VR

            I saw that sign too, but "did not think it was a good sign". Meaning, the location, the way it read, etc. Its not a promising spot. I personally cannot see how anyting short of a chain type offering can do well there. You get a distinct bargain-shoppin crowd in that area because of the Christmas Tree Shop. So generally, a cheap and cheerful place would more than likely be on the order. Unless your willling to chance a few bucks to check it out, .... and I could be wrong on this, but I would be my Gyro it will be mediocre at best.

        2. re: Geek Man

          Is it related to the Meze in Charlestown?

        3. it's called Mediterranean Restaurant, and is a Greek restaurant. I thought I reviewed it here but it musta not posted. The one heading north in the old Bickfords is Brothers Kouzina. It's owned by managers of the Wakefield Brothers, but different, cuz it is waitress service, bar, more upscale(although still very casual and comfortable. Our experience at the ship was very very disappointing. Kouzina was much better. The Mediterranean menu looked so exciting to us, with lots of really different options that we couldnt wait to go and were so bummed. We ordered the Meze platter appetizer and everything was so salty or intensely lemony that we couldnt eat it much of it and we love salt. My hubby could not believe that he could not finish his beloved olives because the rest of the food killed his taste for them. I don't have time to write more right now but will come back with the rest. Wondering how anyone else found it.. Maybe they have to work out the kinks. They tried hard, and seemed to really care about wanting to please..
          Kouzina had great swordfish greek salad with very creamy feta, and good galaktoburikos and spinach pie. Actually, as far as Greek food, we have since discovered Zalek's in Wakefield. VERY casual, counter service with a few tables inside and out, but half the price of the restaurants and freshest food around, inc. great seafood choices. Search for the reviews on this board..

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