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Jun 21, 2006 04:40 PM

Long weekend in Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood

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We're heading to Fort Lauderdale for the July long weekend - looking for great food and wine choices - money is no object 1 night, and great value for another night. We have a car and will likely stay in the Beaches, downtown, or Hollywood area.

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  1. For a slurge, try Canyon on Sunrise. Expect to wait and drink a Prickly Pear Margarita (or 2) at the bar.

    If you can get a reservation you can also try Johnny V's.

    For atmosphere and cheap food, venture over to Hollywood Beach for pizza at Angelo's on Garfield.

    1. For the splurge night, I would suggest Casa de Angelo in Fort Lauderdale. Its a wonderful italian restaraunt with a lovely atmosphere and superb food. Ask to sit in the small wine room in the rear. I am never disappointed there! I also really like Marks on Las Olas. This is upscale dining with a renound chef, nice bar, large and interesting menu. I also like Johnny V's but I think the food and service are better in the others. In Hollwood, I would suggest Fulvios but not over the ones I previously mentioned. For value, try Anthony's Coal fired Pizza on US1 or Il Mulino on Sunrise (both are in Fort Lauderdale). Enjoy!

      1. Thanks! I will definitely look into these suggestions!

        1. Second the suggestions previously given for Mark's Las Olas and Casa de Angelo (on Federal Highway) for great food and wine. If you are looking for a beach location, I haven't been there in a while, but if as you say money is no object, you might also look into Trina's. They are located in the Atlantic Beach Hotel on A1A Fort Lauderdale. Again, expensive...but yummy.

          What part of town are you going to be staying in?
          Further north in Pompano is SunFish Grill (you'd need reservations as it's tiny)-- it's top rated in Zagat's and pretty much deserves it. It does have a limited menu, but is very innovative. I also like BlueMoon Fish -- pretty at night, romantic,upscale, overlooking the intracoastal waterway just north of commercial blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. And yes, they have other things besides fish on the menu.

          1. Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but you should try Chima, on Las Olas, beyond the boutique shopping area closer toward the beach. It's beautiful--white lights on the largest banyan trees you've ever seen, Flaming torches, fireplace crashing out of the wall, great backlighted bar, etc. It's also fairly unique as a Brazilian steakhouse with waiters in gaucho outfits racing about serving hot meats on skewers from which they carve you a slice that you remove with tongs. Various cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, sausages,even shrimp and salmon. In addition there is a terrific upscale salad bar with hearts of palm, carpaccio, smoked salmon, artichoke hearts, etc, etc, etc--even a chafing dish of feijoada, the Brazilian national dish. About $50 per person. Pretty decent wine list also.

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              I just ate at Chima the other night with some co-workers. It is a wonderful, beautiful place, and great for visitors.

              I think I ate my body weight in pao di queijo, those delicious cheese buns they serve at the table. And as a veg, I LOVE the salad bar. One of the guys I work with practically had tears in his eyes every time he was offered more prime rib. And while I'm not a big dessert person, their passion fruit mousse with 'hot chocolate' (it's a dipping sauce) is out of this world, even though we had to roll home after eating so much.

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                Mmmmm - sounds like a wonderful combo of food, wine, and atmosphere - I think we will need to check it out! Marks also sounds really good - I have a feeling we'll end up with 2 wonderful meals!! Thanks all!