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Jun 21, 2006 04:34 PM

Fulton's or Fishbones?

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I am visiting from out of town, which of the two would you recommend?

This will be for a large group (10+ with some children). I'm interested in price, quality of food, etc...

If you have been to both please give me a recommendation!!!

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  1. Fishbones....don't waste the money on Fulton's is it not up to par.

    1. What part of Florida are you visiting?

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      1. re: flagal

        We will be in Orlando (disneyworld).

      2. I agree with the Fishbones choice.

        Fulton's is expensive, very touristy and does not take reservations. Their quality is usually pretty good, but on a busy night with a large party and kids, you are setting yourself up for a problem.

        Do call ahead -- I assume you mean Fishbones on Sand Lake Road -- to be sure they can handle a large party with kids.

        Another nearby option is called Bonefish Grill. Also on Sand Lake Road, it is farther west, close to Roy's and Amura.
        It's a growing Outback chain. Very high quality product and very good service, at reasonable prices.
        I would also make advance arrangements either here or anywhere you finally choose.


        1. Go to Fishbones. You won't be disappointed. I eat at Bone Fish quite often and I would not consider taking children! It's just not a place for kids - unless they are in their later teens. Bone Fish has an atmosphere that is great for really hot and sexy dates or couples having dinner together. Kids - naw. Have fun and let us know how it turns out!

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            I agree about not taking kids to Bone Fish. I was gonna post that but saw they have a kids menu -- still, it's got deep dark mood lighting, I went there for an anniversary, and even though I'm sure the waitstaff would be fine with kids, I don't think other diners would. (Though I was at a location down in gray-haired Stuart -- I assume in Disney diners are used to kids everywhere?)

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              Bonefish is my 5 year olds favorite place. They have a good kids menu & paper on the tables to color on.

            2. As a fellow central-Floridian, and a lover of Disney and children, there has to be someplace in town that adults can go and not be surrounded by kids!!!!

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