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Fulton's or Fishbones?

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I am visiting from out of town, which of the two would you recommend?

This will be for a large group (10+ with some children). I'm interested in price, quality of food, etc...

If you have been to both please give me a recommendation!!!

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  1. Fishbones....don't waste the money on Fulton's is it not up to par.

    1. What part of Florida are you visiting?

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        We will be in Orlando (disneyworld).

      2. I agree with the Fishbones choice.

        Fulton's is expensive, very touristy and does not take reservations. Their quality is usually pretty good, but on a busy night with a large party and kids, you are setting yourself up for a problem.

        Do call ahead -- I assume you mean Fishbones on Sand Lake Road -- to be sure they can handle a large party with kids.

        Another nearby option is called Bonefish Grill. Also on Sand Lake Road, it is farther west, close to Roy's and Amura.
        It's a growing Outback chain. Very high quality product and very good service, at reasonable prices.
        I would also make advance arrangements either here or anywhere you finally choose.


        1. Go to Fishbones. You won't be disappointed. I eat at Bone Fish quite often and I would not consider taking children! It's just not a place for kids - unless they are in their later teens. Bone Fish has an atmosphere that is great for really hot and sexy dates or couples having dinner together. Kids - naw. Have fun and let us know how it turns out!

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            I agree about not taking kids to Bone Fish. I was gonna post that but saw they have a kids menu -- still, it's got deep dark mood lighting, I went there for an anniversary, and even though I'm sure the waitstaff would be fine with kids, I don't think other diners would. (Though I was at a location down in gray-haired Stuart -- I assume in Disney diners are used to kids everywhere?)

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              Bonefish is my 5 year olds favorite place. They have a good kids menu & paper on the tables to color on.

            2. As a fellow central-Floridian, and a lover of Disney and children, there has to be someplace in town that adults can go and not be surrounded by kids!!!!

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              1. I go to both BoneFish Grill on restaurant row and Fishbones regularly. Bonefish is owned by the outback group. They have very good food, take reservations and are reasonably priced. Kids are ok. Fishbones is owned by Ron Woodsby of Charley's Steakhouse and Vito's. Much higher prices, great food. I don't know that I would take a lot of small kids there. I don't know about a kids menu, call them, they're also on Sandlake rd.

                1. I've been reading as much about seafood options in Orlando as I can. We will also be travelling with a child (2 1/2); he is well used to dining out and we keep him entertained so he won't fuss. I'm considering Fishbones, Moonfish and Sunset Sam's based on Bob's many recommendations. Are all three okay for a toddler? The only one of the three with a menu online is Sunset Sam's. How does Fishbones and Moonfish compare in price and quality?

                  1. What ever you do do not do Fulton's. We went there last month with a 5 yr old & they fotgot her entre. Brought our steamed combo & did not bring her pop corn shrimp. After complaining to management hers finally showed up & all they did was comp a child's entre on an over $100/check. I will never go there again. Have been to moonfish it is great not sure we did not have a child but have had good luck at Charley's with her so that should work out. Blue Zoo You can go across the hall & get a grilled cheese or hot dog & bring in for child & food there last night was ex. esp. Cantonese Lobster & Clam flatbread.

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                      beteez, thanks for sharing your experience with Fulton's. I'm considering Charley's if we feel like steak. I don't get the sense that Blue Zoo is a good atmophere for a toddler. I'm not concerned about whether a place has a kids menu. My son doesn't eat enough to warrant his own order -- he usually shares with me -- and he is used to eating "adult" food with mommy and daddy so he wouldn't even expect grilled cheese, hot dog, etc. :)

                    2. My 5 yr old was fine in Blue Zoo. It has a lot of neat stuff to look at & we were before 7 so it wasnt very crowded. Food was some of the best we have had in Orlando. I have not been to Normans or V&A, Tcoup chop was inedible & $150/2. Fultons was fare & $125 for 2 with ter. Service. Upstairs at Wolfgang Pucks was decent. Moonfish was good. Kitchen at Hardrock was decent with Scooby Doo on Sat night for daughter,