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Looking for a good place to have Xmas dinner at Disney world that has prime rib. Any ideas?

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  1. A few questions to help us narrow our responses:
    Does it have to be on Disney property? Or do you have a car and/or are willing to travel?
    What about buffets that serve prime rib? Are there any other considerations (wine, kids, ambiance, price, number in your party) you have? Or do you just want the best prime rib around?
    Also, is this Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? (Because some restaurants may not be open on one or both of these days.)

    There are so many fine restaurants in Orlando, if you tell us more specifically what you need we'd be glad to help. :-)

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      Hey Covert Ops, what place in Orlaando has, in your esteemed opinion, the very best prime rib? I love prime rib!

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        I appreciate you calling my opinion "esteemed" :-) but unfortuantely I live in Daytona and don't get out to many of the fine-dining establishments in Orlando too often. (And I'm not a fan of prime rib, to be honest, I just asked the questions of the OP to help everyoen else answer.)

        But I do agree with a rec farther down about the Yachtsman Steakhouse, I had a very nice, relaxed dinner there. (I prefer to stay at Y&BC usually because it's close to Boardwalk and has nicer rooms.) Excellent food and service.

        For greater Orlando, I'm not much help, but if you search the board for Orlando steak I'm sure you'll find some great ideas. :-)

    2. Thank you for asking me.
      Do you know most famous place at Disney....
      "Cinderella Castle" ( Magic Kingdom )
      There has beautiful restaurant inside
      Castle called "Cinderella's Royal Table"
      Guess what, Their signature dish is
      "Roast Prime Rib"
      Price range $30 to $50 per person.
      You will feel like a King ( or Queen )
      Have to make reservation especially Christmas.
      Most impress moment you will be able to get.
      Call 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463)
      As soon as decide.

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        If that's where you want to eat, make your reservations TOMORROW for Christmas. My parents, old Disney pros, were shocked at the backup of reservations at Cinderella's Table. No longer can you play the day-of to eat at a destination restaurant in WDW.

      2. One other factor to consider is that Magic Kingdom restaurants do not serve alcohol -- so no wine with your meal at Cinderella Castle, even if you can get a reservation, which I believe is unlikely.

        I've linked a post below that has a pretty comprehensive list of Disney Christmas meals from last year that may be helpful.

        Also the Boma restaurant buffet at Animal Kingdom Ledge as well as the Concourse Steakhouse at the Contempary have prime rib on their menu every day.

        As noted elsewhere, please provide more information about your specific needs and situation so we can be more responsive.


        Link: http://www.intercot.com/infocentral/d...

        1. At Epcot in Canada there is a steakhouse with prime rib and you can drink there too!! I think it's call Le-Celler or something. Call Disney and they will guide you through it!

          1. Le Cellier in Canada.

            At http://allearsnet.com/ you can look at all the menus for all the restaurants at Disney World. Awesome.

            I am currently researching my 2007 trip to WDW. So I am up to my ears in it all. I would love to get a chowhounds view of WDW. I haven't been since I was 13. Thanks.

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              My family made trips to DW in May, 2005 and in May, 2002. I was pleasantly surprised both times at the quality and quantity of food at some of the restaurants. Le Cellier was our favorite dinner followed closely by 'Ohana at the Polynesian REsort.

              We enjoyed breakfast at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian (lots of fresh fruits) and Donald's Breakfastosaurus (they had grits) at Animal Kingdom. Both are character meals and are quite fun for children. Forget Chef Mickey. The food was terrible and the service was not much better!

              Our best lunches were The Garden Grill at Epcot (fried chicken, meatloaf, veggies) and The Crystal Palace (buffet with LOTS of choices) at Magic Kingdom. The 50's Prime Time Cafe has good blue plate specials and is lots of fun.

              The French rest.(I can't remember the name)at Epcot is good. In a pinch Cosmic Ray (MK) and the Rose & Crown Pub (Epcot) aren't bad. Don't waste your time at Sci-Fi Dine-In (MGM).

              We tried both times to get in at Cinderella's Table (4-6 months in advance) and were unable to.

              The two places that we have wanted to try but have never had the time are Boma (AK Lodge)and the Brown Derby (MGM).

              Try to make as many reservations as possible before you go and have fun!

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                Becca, What would you like to know? Going to the International food and wine festival or taking kids?

                1. re: sunsuze

                  Well, I will be doing both so... I am thinking of doing one of the classes by myself, while my husband watches the kids.

              2. Btw, I have heard mixed reviews about the food at Cinderellas table. I think we are skipping it.

                1. Thanks Sue. I have heard great things about Boma. We are probably going to do the Fantasmic package at Brown Derby as well. I hadn't heard of The Garden Grill either. Thanks for your recs.

                  I would love to hear from other chowhounds as well. Have any of you ever been to the Food and Wine Festival? Check this out:
                  http://allearsnet.com/tp/ep/foodwine.htm .

                  It really seems like something more chowhounds should know about. I can't wait.

                  1. Yes, I went to the food and wine festival a few years ago with one of my friends. It was fun but it wasn't the food or wine that made it so. I have a lifelong story now and an inside joke that is pretty priceless.

                    I had paid seven dollars for a tasting of a single wine(!) The pourer gave me no more than a sip (and that is being generous) of Ice Wine...in a plastic, thimble-like, wine glass. I informed the young pourer (a teenager) that I wasn't about to pay seven bucks for a quarter ounce of wine. She replied in a ridiculously condescending but authoritative voice, "This wine is a sipping wine - not a chugging wine."

                    There is nothing about me that even remotely resembles someone who chugs any beverage!

                    Well, as you can imagine, everyone within ear shot broke out laughing. To this day whenever I drink a fine wine my friend reminds me that it's a sipping wine and not a chugging wine. Well worth the seven bucks!!

                    In Epcot do not miss the french bakery with its chocolate croissants. One of the very best any where!!!

                    Get a reservation (now) for dinner at the French cafe (there are two- this is the less fancy of the two) restaurant in Epcot and time it to arrive 30 to 45 minutes before the fireworks. Score a table by the window. They open the windows right before the show and it's a great view.

                    BTW- Sister Sue is dead on with her recs. If you have young children I would also suggest the Italian resturant in the Magic Kingdom for lunch. Although not a character lunch per se it is the staging area for the characters and they all come in the resturant for pics with the diners. And the food is much better than most of the fast options in the park. It's reasonable too. The very best palce to eat, without a doubt is Alberts and Victorias in the Grand Floridan. It very formal though and perhaps not a good place for kids.

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                      Well, that is one great thing about this festival, you can have just a glass of a fifty dollar bottle of wine.

                      Notice I said glass, not pony :).

                    2. Yachtsman Steakhouse in the Yacht Club hotel near Epcot (on property so you can get there by Disney bus or boat) has fantastic meat including an excellent prime rib which they serve with garlic and herb bread pudding. Everything there has steakhouse prices but it's also excellent quality. Decor is ok but nothing to rave about, hopefully it will be a bit more festive at Christmas. Enjoy.

                      1. Regarding Epcot Food & wine, tickets for the dinners and such go on sale July 31, and they go fast.

                        Look for a bit more emphasis on the food side of things this year. They are even doing a food and cheese pairing.

                        Here's a link to a story I did about last year's event, focusing on the dinners.


                        There's quite a bit of good information posted alredy about Disney restaurants -- you may want to consider a new thread with that topic as the subject.


                        1. I would think that the Rose and Crown at Epcot would do a traditional roast beef and pudding Christmas menu. Food there is mediocre but on a holiday, I wouldn't expect much more from any of the restaurants.

                          Thanksgiving at Citricos two years ago was appalling and the restaurant was considered excellent at the time. The desserts were not even thawed and the first course "buffet" was served from its Orval Kent trays. We should have known better.

                          Le Cellier at Epcot might be a second choice. Epcot is quite festive at Christmas. You might do an after dinner "pub crawl" on the monorail to view the decorations and entertainments in the lobbies of the monorail hotels. LMF

                          1. Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom has the best prime rib I've found on WDW property. it's a character buffet with Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore. we eat there a few times each year.