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Jun 21, 2006 07:23 PM

good fruit stands/ produce near Banff/lake Louise

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We are vacationing along Banff and lake Loise in Aug. Looking for places to get good produce, fruits and berries

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  1. Cannot think of any given that we are dealing with a National Park as opposed to for example the orchard and farm country of the Okanagan.

    There may be something commercial in the townsites but I think that would be it.

    Hopefully someone else has more favourable information.

    1. Sadly you'll be reduced to one of the grocery stores in either Banff or Lake Louise. You will not find any impromptu or roadside vendors in the National Parks as that is against the law and enforced quite heavily.

      Keller's and Safeway are both in Banff and there is a little independant grocer in Lake Louise in the main strip mall... name escapes me.

      ever hungry

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        I'm not an expert in this area, but the closest fruit growing area that I am aware of is Creston, BC. This would be the best area for fruit stands.

        There may, of course, be a few transient stands in towns along the Rocky Mountain trench east of the national parks (Golden, Radium), though nothing stands out from my visits last June and September. The groceries aren't significant there.


      2. If you're coming in through Calgary and renting a car, stop by one of the local Farmer's markets before heading west! The Calgary Farmer's Market is open from Friday to Sunday, has great produce, and many vendors all under one big roof.