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Jul 19, 2004 05:42 PM

Pan Dulce Mexicano in San Jose/Santa Clara?

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I have pretty much given up on the pan dulce in SF. Since I am working in Santa Clara now, I am wondering whether I can find a good pan dulce source in San Jose.
Any suggestions??

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  1. Tropicana Market; Story and King (Story, east of 101) has an in house bakery, they also have an inhouse deli/restaurant and a tortilla factory.

    Alum Rock Ave, White Road, and Story Road all have mexican style bakeries too. That area as well as parts of Santa Clara Street are Hispanic shopping areas of SJ. Note: Santa Clara turns into Alum Rock around 680.

    I have only eaten pan dulce from Tropicana when they had a store at Monterey and Senter.

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      Judith Hurley

      There's a bakery on Willow Street, almost to Vine, on the same side of the street as Sacred Heart church, and just a few blocks to the east of it. They've always had wonderful pan dulce, but when I went for Dia de los Muertos, they were closed for renovations, maybe there open now? So in the meantime, I went across to the mercado across the street, because I really needed the pan dulce for a party, and they actually had a pretty good selection in there.

      1. I don't have a recommendation for you, just a request. If you find anything that is better than all of the mediocre to poor panaderias in SF, please post your findings here. I'm still looking for a decent source that's closer than Sacramento. Bonus points for empandas de calabaza.

        I no longer bother going even to the one passable place in the following report.


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          I hear you.

          Now that would be a Chow Cruise that I could get behind - a panaderia hunt! And why limit to SJ, since there might be decent pan dulce in Oakland?

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            I've been meaning to replicate my panaderĂ­a crawl in Oakland/Fruitvale. Sounds like it's high time. I'll be away for a few weeks but I'm willing to organize an event on a weekend morning on August. Email me if you're interested. In the meantime, any recommendations on places we ought to hit?


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              If there's a decent pan dulce in Oakland, I haven't found it. Part of the problem is that I don't know whether I just haven't found a good one or whether I just don't like that style of baking.

              So far, the best I've had in Oakland is Miramontes on International between 15th and 16th (1527 International) -- it's the only one where I actually had something I'd go back for (the chile cheese "danish"), and where everything else was at least edible.

            2. re: nja

              Will do - I shall report back!