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Jun 21, 2006 01:20 PM

Roti near College and Spadina?

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Anybody know where the nearest to College and Spadina where I can get Roti?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I'm pretty sure that Patty King (on Baldwin, in Kensington market) has rotis. It's about a five minute walk from College & Spadina.


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      also roti palace on bathurst, just south of bloor

    2. If you want to go a little further south, Ghandi (Queen west just west of Bathurst) has fantastic roti. My favorite is chana, but the lamb is excellent too.

      1. Ghandi is pure heaven! I love the Chicken creamy, so spicy! Not the kinda place you want to sit down and eat at...they have 4 tables. Also, they have no customer bathroom...Order ahead, and go and pick it takes a while to make...Another hint...DO NOT get the "hot" unless you want to can't even taste the food it's so hot!

        554 Queen St. W (east of Bathurst)

        1. The place helen refers to is called Caribbean Palace, I believe. It's on the west side of Bathurst between Harbord and Bloor. For my money, it's the best Roti in Toronto (though I've only had the veg--but I've had it dozens of times).

          1. I keep plugging for Coconut Grove on Dundas, east of University. It's Guyanan and different than the Jamaican style, which I am not fond of. However, College and Spadina. Hmmmm.