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Jun 21, 2006 01:08 PM

SF Hound -- Lotus of Siam (LV)is Everthing you promised

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In LV for --surprise, a convention. Left a meeting 10 minutes early so I could get there before they closed for the night. Great food. I had a shrip/straw mushroom soup and Papaya salad and a curry special. All were superb. I was surprised at how good the service was as well, which is nice when dining alone. I am not familiar with Reislings so I asked for help in ordering. They asked me to order my food and they would pair the wine with it. They brought me two tastings and I ended up with a nice glass that was fresh and had a touch of apple flavored sweetness. I must go back and soon. /Kathy

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  1. Maybe at night it is different. Lunch is busy and so so.

    1. Sf hound as well. This is my favorite thai restaurant anywhere in the US. The spicy catfish soup, the crispy rice appetizer, and the mango sticky rice w/ coconut ice cream are just amazing. This is also food that gets better overnight. I've been three times during dinner and once during lunch. Each time was great although at lunch things were much spicier (I always ask for a level 6-7 spicyness). Make sure you order from the menu and not from the lunch buffet. Overall, there is just such complexity of flavors that I have yet to experience elsewhere.

      1. I agree with jiongliu completely. It seems that almost anything with catfish is good there. And, yes, definitely avoid the lunch buffet; order from the menu instead.