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Jun 21, 2006 08:50 PM

Any real Texas specialties at DFW airport?

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I've got a longish layover at DFW next week. Do any of the food stands or restaurants there serve credible versions of any Texas specialties?

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  1. Reata terminal D - you can get there by the upstairs transit system.

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    1. re: Amy
      Robert Lauriston

      Thanks--what's good to order there?

    2. Reata Grill at DFW is an outpost of Reata in Fort Worth, which was innovative in its day -- it actually got its start in Alpine, Texas --but is not much to write home about these days. In addition to the airport location, I think Reata has also begun a national expansion; I found mention of a Reata Grill in Woodland Hills, Calif.

      The crop of new restaurants in Terminal D (the main international terminal) at DFW is a welcome upgrade from the days when Chili's To Go and Pizza Hut were the acme of food at the airport. However, I would caution you that most of these places remain on a par with what you'll find at SFO or SEA ... or any other large airport that has upgraded its food offerings in the last five years.

      All that said, if you have the time, jump on the sky train and explore the offerings. I think there is at least one barbecue place (Railhead); Blue Mesa (pseudo New Mexican) has an outpost, and there are other limited-menu versions of local places like Cool River (steaks, salads, etc.)

      Please report back!

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      1. re: Kirk

        The tamales at Reata Grill were pretty good. Much better than anything I found on previous tripst through DFW.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Glad to hear you had a decent meal at the airport. For those of us who live here, one of the best things we can say about living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (which Chicagoans also say about O'Hare) is that we rarely have to change planes at DFW.

      2. Last time I was there the only local specialty I was able to find was Dickey's BBQ and it looked pretty bad.

        Is Cousin's BBQ any good?

        1. Never tried it, and the only review I have ever seen of it was when I just searched the Dallas Morning News' Guidelive:

          (The write-up's accompanying photo doesn't foreshadow 'cue greatness...


          If I recall correctly, Railhead has an outlet in Terminal D. I would probably go for that over Cousins.

          However, my experience with most the the "branches" of the barbecue originals is that they bring in their meats from an offsite commissary, with pretty dreadful consequences.