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Jun 21, 2006 07:21 PM

Grill Lyon

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Had to plan a group lunch for my office... they favor Taylor’s Steak House.

Went a little out of their usual zone and took the group to Grill Lyon - next to Sushi Gen on 2nd Street near Central in Downtown.

Grill Lyon
Address: 424 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 620-0050

There was something for everyone. Three course lunches for around $10 that are good is a hard thing to find!

A couple of the steak and potato guys actually ordered the Bento Box special and liked most of it!!

Starter was a Japanese pumpkin soup with a touch of curry that was yummy and liked by all. The Bento Box folks had miso. Then a nice small salad with a nice dressing.

Entrees ranged from salmon to steaks. I had a combo of snapper and chicken which was really nice!

The staff was very sweet. Very nice about accommodating a person who eats vegetarian.

I got really nice feedback from a group I was not sure would like me going some place different.

*** Has anyone from Chowland been for dinner? I read that dinner is also a good call here. Any recommendations? Thanks!!

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  1. took my parents there for prix-fixe dinner before a concert last month. They liked it very much. Portion size was modest but qulaity very high for the money and the family-run service super sweet.

    1. the dinner dishes are really exceptional here more so than lunch"

      foie gras.

      shrimp raviolis (aka shrimp wontons)

      duck in a not too sweet orange grand marnier sauce.

      kobe style rib eye w/ sauce bordeaux.

      steak with sauce boredaux.

      breaded steak cutlet w/ a mustard sauce.

      and for dessert get some chocolates from frances bakery next door.

      1. I was at Grill Lyon last night for dinner and am sorry to report that they will closing its doors on May 15th. As some of you may know the lovely couple that own the restaurant, Tadayoshi and Keiko Matsuno have been part of the L.A. restaurant scene for many years but have decided to retire. Grill Lyon will be missed but I'm confident that Mr. Matsuno's able son, Nkiichi who has been running the kitchen alongside his dad for several years, will land on his feet at another L.A. eatery for all of us to continue enjoying this family's excellent cooking!