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Jun 21, 2006 05:12 PM

Cioppino in OC ?

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Anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant with really good cioppino ?

An acquaintance asked me for one, and I was at a loss.


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  1. Paolo's..a teensy chef-owner spot in inland Huntington Beach.

    Mascarpone's, a mom-and-pop in Orange on Katella (warning, they close for August)

    Barolo Cafe in Tustin on Newport

    Sabatino's in Newport

    Mamma Gina's in Newport on PCH

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    1. re: OCBites

      Anything in North OC?

      1. re: OCBites

        Re: Paolo's. Is that the place in Old World??? Is it any good now? I use to frequent that location when it was Stefano's several years ago. Stefano's was so good that Paolo's seemed terrible in comparison so we never went back. If anyone knows a place as good as Stefano's was I'd be eternally grateful for the rec- I haven't been able to find a place as good since :-(

        1. re: wendy8869


          Paolo's is indeed in Old World and the successor of Stefano's. I have not tried Paolo's yet.

          Less than a mile away (at the SW corner of Goldenwest & Edinger) is Mangia Mangia. I consider this the best Italian restaurant for miles around - hands down. In my humble opinion, much better than Stefano's EVER was.

          Good luck Wendy....


          1. re: Jeff Rose

            Thank you so much!!! I'll definitely make it a priority to get there (hopefully trying for tonight)!

      2. Tony's Sea Landing on Newport and Bryan in Tustin is excellent.