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Jun 21, 2006 04:12 PM

Best Indian Buffet in L.A Area

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I was wondering what you guys thought the best indian buffet in the L.A area is. I enjoy a place close to my house on Pico in West L.A called Jaipur, but I was wondering if anybody knew any other places that had a high quality indian buffet doesn't have to be in West L.A, but the L.A metro area. Thanks

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    I like one in Marina Del Rey, I think it's called Shalamar. It's in the marketplace near the Tower Records/UA Theater (might be a GCC Theater).

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      The Indian restaurant in Marina Del Rey with the good buffet lunch ($8.95) is Shershah:

      Villa Marina Marketplace
      13444 Maxella Ave
      Marina Del Rey
      (310) 301-2477

      1. re: Norm

        From their website:

        Lunch Buffet Style - Served Daily 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
        ALL YOU CAN EAT:

        Appetizers: Pokora, Samosa; Lamb Curry, Two Kinds of Meat Curry, Five Vegetables, Gulab Juman, Basmati Rice, Daal, Salad, Rice Pudding, Mango Pudding, Carrot Cake, Raita, Fruit Salad, Fresh Naan Bread
        $8.95 per person

        Saturday and Sunday Champagne Brunch

        All You can Eat and Drink
        Served 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

        Children Under 8 - Pay Half Price - No Take Outs - Children Under 4 No Charge

        Notice ~ Did they really mean you're entitled to ALL you can drink Champagne!?!?

        Even if the Vintner is Monsanto and it's On-Tap, that still a great deal for $10.95!


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          oh, i am gonna check it out one of these weekends.

      2. re: SpongeBobSquarePegs

        the place is called Shershah Cuisine Of India. it is located in marina del rey and is good

        shalimar is located in culver city and is awful

      3. I like the Indian buffet at Annapurna, which is in Culver City on Venice Blvd. Busy and therefore, fresh.

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          On the Westside, Annapurna Cuisine is probably the best Southern Indian-style buffet - not that there is actually a lot of competition in that specific niche. A few weeks ago we went for the weekend buffet and we were surprised--there were new dishes they didn't use to have and a noticeable jump in quality. We got to talking to one of the waiters about it and he said that Annapurna had recently hired a new chef. Hence, the new dishes.

          We went again last weekend and quality was still high. Among the approximately 10 or 12 things, they had a really nice avial; something called 'vegetable stew' that had potato, cauliflower, carrot and a creamy sauce; a comforting curd rice; and a great lentil payasam. Not many places have sweet lentil dishes - I didn't encounter that dish often even in my 4 months in Southern India.

          Two weeks ago, I went to Jay Bharat in Artesia and had a completely blow me away meal, plus killer sweets to take away. Annapurna is really not up to that level...but, for those on the Westside, it is 45 minutes closer to home. (I know comparing Jay Bharat's gujarati thali and Annapurna's southern specialties is an apples/oranges thing, but I was just comparing two recent meals lumped under the 'Indian' tag.)

            1. re: Diana

              18701 Pioneer Blvd. in Artesia
              (parking in a small lot in the back)


              My GF and I had:
              -pani puri - totally delicious rendition
              -Kathiyawadi Thali
              -Gujarati Thai
              -some chocolate burfi and some saffron burfi - really quite nice, especially the chocolate burfi
              -chai - very peppery, but also a great wake-up drink

        2. I would have to agree with the others. Shershah is very good, especially for a buffet, and the service is wonderful. They treat you like family. Great naan.

          1. Hello, this place might be a bit of a drive from West LA but I love this place.

            The India Restaurant
            17824 Pioneer Blvd
            Artesia, CA 90701


            All along "Pioneer Blvd" is a whole India village area from markets to shops to bakery's to restaurants. A must for any Indian food lover!
            My boyfriend is from Europe and eats Indian food weekly... I took him here and he said it was just as good as home!


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            1. re: LizaO

              My brother and sister-in-law took me to this place. I thought the name was funny, but the buffet was terrific.

              1. re: Dogbite Williams

                I know, I thought the name was funny as well :D The Buffet is worth it! It was $8 now its $10 the naan is included

            2. Well, since we've resurrected the post, I'll throw in Haveli in Tustin -- lunch each day, and dinner T-W (other times are menu dining).