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Jun 21, 2006 04:11 PM

Social Hollywood

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Has anyone tried this restaurant? I can't find any reviews on Chowhound.


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  1. Having dinner tomorrow night so will be happy to report back!

    1. i've been to the bar and their bar food is yum, so i would bet the main restaurant is pretty good. beautiful space. i can't wait to hear the feedback.

      1. I posted a long, long report on June 23rd. Guess it didn't make the site switch. What happened Chowhound Team???

        Long story short. #7 on the pretentious meter and food was nothing special. My friend and I thought it was all bland. There's an Apr. post from someone about the bisque being the best she's ever had. She must have had only 2 bowls because it certainly didn't taste like Lobster and it had maybe one micro piece if any. Service was good. Many empty tables on a Thursday at 9pm. My prediction....won't last long! Won't be back.