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Jun 21, 2006 01:09 PM

Opinion on Carney's Burgers

  • j

I think they make the best burgers in Los Angeles.
Anyone else agree.

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    1. For what they are and the low price they're pretty good. I like 'em. I wouldn't say they're the best burger in LA, though.

      1. I love Carneys. They're my fave burger too, love the chili and the dogs. Couple of other things I dig there as well.... love the green salad with greek dressing (super fresh), also really like the bowtie pasta salad they have it's homemade and very tangy, chicken tacos are also very good and huge.

        1. Not only do I agree for burgers of that genre (ie, not 3/4 lb gourmer heffers), they also have some of the best dogs, snappy skin etc. What puts them over the top for me tho is the draft beer! supersize me now.

          1. Carney's burgers and dogs are so delicious and my favorite in SoCal!