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Opinion on Carney's Burgers

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I think they make the best burgers in Los Angeles.
Anyone else agree.

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    1. For what they are and the low price they're pretty good. I like 'em. I wouldn't say they're the best burger in LA, though.

      1. I love Carneys. They're my fave burger too, love the chili and the dogs. Couple of other things I dig there as well.... love the green salad with greek dressing (super fresh), also really like the bowtie pasta salad they have it's homemade and very tangy, chicken tacos are also very good and huge.

        1. Not only do I agree for burgers of that genre (ie, not 3/4 lb gourmer heffers), they also have some of the best dogs, snappy skin etc. What puts them over the top for me tho is the draft beer! supersize me now.

          1. Carney's burgers and dogs are so delicious and my favorite in SoCal!

            1. The best burger in Los Angeles? Strong words indeed.

              We live in the center of the burger universe. Great burgers here are commonplace. So, on the subject of burgers, our standards are quite high.

              Still, there are a few that rise above the fray and manage to make a name for themselves even in this burger nirvana in which we are so fortunate to live.

              Carney's is such a place. Their 1/2 pound cheeseburger (cooked medium rare, for my taste) with all the fixin's is to me everything a burger should be. If one desires the knowledge of why the simple hamburger has ascended from a mere sandwich to part of the core of our American culture, then one must go to Carney's and eat this burger. And be sure to eat it with an order of their chili-cheese fries, and a large Coke.

              And then, for a bonus, be sure to return on another day and try one (or three) of their "Carney" dogs. On the same level as the burger, but in a fun new shape and totally different flavor!

              12601 Ventura Boulevard
              Studio City, CA 91604
              8351 W. Sunset Boulevard
              West Hollywood, CA 90069


              Link: http://www.carneysrestaurant.com

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              1. re: David Ford

                Not trying to be a Carney's zealot here, but with regard to your comment about the soda, Carney's has THE best blend of Pepsi...lots of fizz and syrup which is such a compliment to the burgers! It's something that is always consistently good there :-)

                1. re: Davina

                  I agree! The perfect blend. And so refreshing with a 1/2 pound cheeseburger, Carney dog and order of chili-cheese fries (my usual).

                  I want Carney's now! :-)

              2. best in LA?
                errr.... dont think so

                still think In N Out is best in taste.

                the 'thing' on sunset... carneys... errr... just some cheap food on a busy street.

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                  I would go to an In-N-Out if I were very hungry and it was the only thing in that price range nearby. ...unless there were a wait of more than one other car. Then I'd have to pop for something pricier.

                2. It is such a close call, but the double cheese burger with that thick cut tomatoe is really good. I mean really good. I miss the glendale location.

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                      Could you be more specific as to why you say its one of the "worst" burgers in L.A.? (With this strong statement you are saying that they are in the same category as burgers served in gas stations)

                      1. re: HBfoodie

                        try 25 Degrees in Hollywood then let me know what you think of Carney's

                        1. re: theo dog

                          Is it in the same low-price range as Carneys or is it one of those $10+ fancy burgers?

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                            Well, if I had went to 25 Degrees I would have discovered that they charge between $9-12 for their burgers----a LOT more than what is spent at Carneys! How about suggesting a COMPARABLY priced burger to try instead of Carneys before you label it as one of L.A.'s "worst" burgers?

                        2. re: theo dog

                          i guess that's why everyone has an opinion. you are not a carney's fan . . . check

                      2. YUM! We used to live in Hollywood and frequented the Sunset Strip Carney's. My daughter swallowed her first loose tooth there. Back then, the menu was hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and frozen bananas.

                        Then we moved to North Hollywood and ate regularly at the Ventura location. By then the menu was expanding a little to salads and veggie alternatives. Now we're in Woodland Hills and rarely pass close to either but I had one just the other day in Studio City. They had lots on the menu and actual napkins. But the burgers and chili were the same wonderful as ever.

                        What's always struck me is their tomatoes are consistently good all year round and they lay on such thick slabs of them. YUM!