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Jun 21, 2006 02:04 AM

good food CV, SL, Hayward?

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OK, I eat at a great little Chinese place in Castro Valley (Hong Kong BBQ), and love their mustard green, salted egg and pork soup and their wonderful, fresh greens (and sinful/almost-junk-food spicy salt and pepper squid). But my mother in law, who is new to Castro Valley, and two visiting friends (one from Santa Barbara, one from Iowa) are looking for a place to have some (perhaps more refined) delcious food and wine while catching up on the happenings in their lives. All of them recognize and appreciate good food, in whatever guise it takes. However, I think they hope to find someplace on the 'nicer' side. The friend from Iowa likes to order a good steak when she goes out; we thought a place that also had good salads and fish entrees might be appropriate...Is there anything out there? Thanks greatly!

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  1. Try Neumanali, near Hayward City Hall. Pretty hip for Hayward, and has a decent wine list.

    1. A Street Cafe in Hayward? Do a search and I'm sure you'll find some nice reviews.

      1. In Castro Valley, I like the sushi restaurant in the Castro Valley Village, as well as the Sunflower Cafe on the Blvd. for Chinese food. Val's in Hayward is great for burgers, and Ray's in Hayward is AWESOME for sushi as well.

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          There's sushi in Castro Village? Sunflower is good for quick takeout. 2nd Val's for good burgers. I would say no to Ray's. Go to Tomodachi's in Hayward instead. The original chef's all left Ray's and opened up their own place on Hesparian. (24123 Hesperian Blvd). Better sit down place than Ray's and they have a robata grill menu.

          As far as nicer side... I can only think of A street cafe as mentioned above. There used to be a french restaurant on castro valley blvd. ,but I don't know if it's still there. Try Creasian in San Leandro (1269 Macarthur Blvd).
          If you're willing to travel a bit further. Go to Papillon in Fremont. Good steaks and seafood. (37296 Mission Blvd
          )A bit late to post, but just in case you ever want a different selection.

        2. You mean nicer than Val's? :) You might be better off just going to the City.

          1. Chef's Experience China Bistro right on Foothill... Great Place, nice atmosphere and won't kill your pocketbook. All of the service is pretty high end for what it is.