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Jun 22, 2006 02:18 AM

In search of a certain Japanese candy

When I lived in Osaka I had this amazing square hard-but-chewy candy that came in flavors like lychee, grapefruit...I want to say grape...and apple. I've seen close approximations in asian grocery stores here in San Francisco, but never really found that same candy, whose texture was sort of like a Starburst mixed with a gummy. Any guidance from anyone who's spent time in Japan would be much appreciated.


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    1. I'm pretty sure I know what you mean. It can be found many places in NYC. Do you have a picture?

      1. You can find places to order it online - I know that stuff is addictive - I'm lucky because in my city, I can find it easily at some Asian grocery stores. :) I usually buy a bunch at a time. Keep trying - check out some more grocery stores and look online if you want to order it from specialty shippers.

        1. I know Hi-Chu--have tried it always in the hopes that it's the same long lost candy I loved--to no avail! Here are photos of Hi-Chu:

          But the cady I'm looking for is sort of different. I wish I had photos! It's cover doesn't have much katakana writing on it and the fruit is a small image/the design's slightly more demur...

          It's so hard because I keep trying other types, and it's just not right. Perhaps as with rice, I'll just never have the same experience I did there...

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            Have you tried ? They have an extensive range of products..

          2. I think you're thinking of Puccho...
            I love them. They're delicious.