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Jun 20, 2006 05:12 PM

Hell's kitchen 6/19 episode

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Interesting the lack of communication between the males. Tom and Giacomo were horrible. Tom's statement that he was the toughest smartest cook there had me laughing out loud. The look between the other two on his team when he said that was priceless.

Initially I liked Heather and Sarah not as much. After last night, I'm beginning to like Sarah more and Heather less. Heather although competent seems ready to take offense at any opportunity and rub it into other people's faces. Sarah is more low key and just does what's needed.

Of course we've yet to actually see any real creative cooking. I think that's the biggest difference between this show and Top Chef.

TC is tilted towards creativity and inspiration. HK towards manegerial and organizational. And its understandable given the difference in goals and prizes in each show. Ramsey wants someone to run his operation. TC wants a chef to have their own place.

The common denominators seem to be a need for passion and adaptability.

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  1. I enjoy Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares way more and wish he did a show like that here. However, I have to say I'm surprised that so far, none of the contestants seem to be very talented in the kitchen at all. At least last season had some people who seemed to know what they were doing. Maybe that will come later. I hope so, because otherwise it's just getting a little boring for me.

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      Ditto on Kitchen Nightmares. That is about real people trying to suceed in the restaurant biz. Very interesting, and you get to see a well rounded sence for Chef Ramsay. HK is a show on Fox, so consider the source. They are not making a cooking show, it's a Fox reality show.

    2. I wish Tom had been chosen to go though. Yeah Giacomo was useless but at least he was trying. Tom's whole burn act and letting down the team and then saying he was the smartest and could take Ramsay in a street fight, deserved Ramsay letting him out of his no physical clause. Then Ramsay could kick his ass while getting dinner service out and take his jacket. Wow can you tell I don't like Tom?

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        I agree - Tom should have gone - last week. Although Giacomo was kinda stupid for not even knowing the oven wasn't turned on.

        And what was UP with Virginia (I'm assuming it was her based on the previous week's fawning over Ramsay)calling out to the Chef as he left the boat "Miss me!" Her new husband must *love* hearing her comments about Ramsay!

        I still like Heather, although she definitely seemed taken aback that Sara was chosen as the top Red Team chef for the night. I have a feeling it'll come down to Heather, Sara, and the tall blonde, Rachel. The only guy I think could make it to the end is Garrett - Tom and Keith are just not cut out for it.

        And I'll repeat what I said a few weeks ago - read the recaps at the HK website. Whoever's writing them has got some pretty good snarkiness going. ;-)

        "Tom particularly angry, as he feels that women do laundry better than men. It would seem, at this point, that they cook better as well."

        "Later, Garrett tells the men that the women are using sexism as a rallying cry. But really, the men are the ones with more to overcome. Keith agrees, saying somebody that talks like him and walks like him has to prove himself even more. Apparently he doesn’t just copy an accent and fashion from Eminem, he copies his credos as well."

        "Chef Ramsay gives Giacomo ten seconds to explain why he should stay, then does the same for Tom. Tom says he should stay because he’s the sharpest, smartest guy in Hell’s Kitchen. Hmm. It would seem that unfounded hubris isn’t just a New York thing. It also crosses the river into Jersey. Because Tom isn’t even the smartest guy in his own bed."

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          hello, it's clear that Fox "stacked" the players to favor the women's side (3/6 of the original men obese; swimsuits for the second time with frontal rubbing on the other side) with far more realistic candidates as you note. since the men are getting trounced the next step will be conniving and treachery among the women. Giacomo really had no chance after repeat blunders, at 21 he needed to really shine to gain Ramsay's confidence. Conservatively, 8/12 of the original contestants had little or no real chance but must have been cast for drama/conflict potential.

          I assume the other chef shows being discussed are on cable tv (we don't subscribe,use the $$ for good wine); my impression from a limited sample of current cable programs is that the industry dumbs down the content a little less ruthlessly. That said, HK is still a merit- based competition testing competency (which include 'people' skills), and the ability to repeatedly excell under pressure. enjoy

      2. Funniest line of the show is when Kieth is talking about getting yelled at by Chef Ramsey for wearing his pants down below his butt. He says something like "well, he just doesn't know that's how I rock 'em." What a dolt.