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Jun 19, 2006 10:26 AM

Case of Wine Gift

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I'd like to send a mixed case of wine to some friends, but I have very little knowledge in this area. I'm willing to spend up to $250 and would like the case to include at least a couple of bottles that will benefit from 10+ years of aging. They are in NY and I'm not, so it will have to be delivered to them. Any advice on how I should go about this? Thanks!

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  1. Try I used to use them years ago when I lived in the US. They should have info online about how long the wines can ago. You could print of the info ex price on each wine and send it to your friend.

    1. Check out Kermit Lynch is one of the top importers of French and Italian wine in the country.

      He regularly puts together sampler cases of wine and they are usually less than $150 (add shipping on top of that).

      See his May newsletter for a recent sampler of Spring wines:

      These have a few roses and whites, which you probably wouldn't want to age. I would just call them up and tell them you want to put together a case of reds, and give them your price parameters. Theirs are among the best wines out there (and best values -- Kermit almost singlehandedly made wines from the less-famous regions in Southern France popular in the U.S.)

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        I should also mention that since Kermit Lynch is an importer and retail store, his retail prices tend to be cheaper than what you'd find for his wines in other stores that have to go through a distributor.

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          I would also add that Kermit Lynch's book, "Adventures on the Wine Route," is a great read that would make a nice addition to the case, should you buy it from his store.


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          Darren: I agree that Kermit is a great importer but I don't agree that he is a necessarily a great retailer. I have found on several occasions that I can get wines that he sells for a much more reasonable price.

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            Agreed. Great store, great staff, not so great prices. When I've found his wines, 90% of the time, I've found them in NYC lower than the prices he lists on the newsletter.

        3. If recipient is in NY and you are in another state, I'd stongly advise buying directly from a NY-based vendor, otherwise buyer beware of US interstate shipping alcohol nonsense !
          Zachy's is one of the NY-biggies. Don't buy on line, call them, the guys on the phone are very savvy & should be able to put together a decent lot for the money.


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            Just wanted to update everyone that Zachys can be found at

          2. Thanks again!

            1. The original comment has been removed