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Jun 18, 2006 08:30 PM

Garlic and Sapphires

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I began reading this book on Saturday and could not put it down until I finished it. After reading it I felt like I really do not know anything about food (although I thought I did) and that New York has restaurants like nowhere else (hate to admit this as I am from Boston). What a great entertaining book!!!

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  1. I'm halfway through now...on Brenda. It's a fun book.

    1. I really liked it too & am in the Boston area as well. See a previous post.


      1. I loved all her books, and recommend them all! She's one of the few women in the new "foody" genre of writing. It's almost as if dining is becoming a sort of sport, and just as we love to "play," we also love to read about the players.

        1. I got it as a gift on CD (Ms. Reichl does the reading and is great) and I listened in the car while on roadtrips (and then would sit in the car at the destination to get to the end of a section) - I had to replay it for my husband (and enjoyed it as much the second time).

          I too felt like I know nothing about food or discerning flavors.

          (However - living now in NYC I STILL think Boston has the better restaurants per capita.)

          1. Please please please read 'Tender at the Bone' and 'Comfort me with Apples' by Ruth Reichl. They are wonderful food books. How she describes Paris in the 2nd book makes we want to weep.

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              Thanks for the recs - I will absolutely get those books, probably this weekend.