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Jun 13, 2006 02:23 PM

What's your favorite chewing gum?

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Gum chewers, you have a favorite brand of chewing gum?

I'm partial to Trident Bubble Gum and Dentyne Cinammon Ice.

And you?

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  1. For my everyday, it is Orbit.

    For special occasions, Teaberry

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    1. re: Tugboat

      That's awesome, never heard of a special occasion for gum!

      Might I inquire what would constitute a "special occasion"?

      1. re: ipse dixit

        I can never find it anymore so when I happen to run into it, I save it.

        I know. Weird.

        But the taste of Teaberry (even if it only lasts for 2 minutes) reminds me of the times my Grandmother would take me shopping and as a treat she would let me buy one pack of gum. She loved BlackJack (I didn't then but love it now) and I always got Teaberry.

      2. re: Tugboat

        For any day it's Orbit Wintermint or Trident Tropical Twist.

        I have a pack of Teaberry in my chewing gum box that I've been saving. Could I have been saving it for a special occasion? I have loved that gum for most of my life. My mother loved Juicy Fruit or Double Mint and could not understand what I saw in Teaberry.

        1. For now, Orbit -- I love the new flavor: Sweet Mint

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          1. re: The Oracle

            I love that new flavor; it reminds me of those soft after dinner mints.

            1. re: The Oracle

              pace yourself. i seriously OD-ed on Sweet Mint and now I can't touch the stuff.

            2. Orbit Peppermint.

              1. Used to be a big gum chewer. My favorite was peppermint Chicklets. Also liked Beeman's and Black Jack which are back in limited supply. Found interesting flavors in other countries too: menthol Dentyne in England, many eclectic flavors in Japan and more. I lost my taste for it.

                1. I haven't chewed gum in ages (ever since it kept getting stuck in my braces, along with Jujubees and Jujy Fruits [grin]) but on occasion, to freshen the breath, I'll pop an Eclipse Peppermint.

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                  1. re: Linda W.

                    "Jujubees and Jujy Fruits"
                    Candy of the Gods!, dentists' favorite too.

                    1. re: BluPlateSpec

                      I once pulled a filling out with a wad of Jujubees. Let's just say Mom wouldn't let me buy them anymore. :-/