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Jun 12, 2006 02:40 PM

Food for The Slaughter repost to NAF board - Zombie Feed

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Foods to Replicate Eating Scene: squishy Beard Papa creampuffs, rigatoni stuffed with meat, liver, cold spaghetti, jello shots, peeled grapes...lichee...tripe

It's not Halloween (everyday is Halloween in San Francisco), but if I were to recreate the scene from "The Slaugher", what foods have the textures and visuals of horror?
more suggestions, please, for a Zombie Feed?

Best Scene: devouring/disembowelment on the staircase
It's a movie ( by Jay Lee.
My rating: 4 Stars; breasts, blood, zombies - very funny

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  1. I think it varies by region and culture. Here, it's squishy viscous things. (Illustration below)

    I love my beef steak very rare. Charred on the outside and basically raw inside. If you made a film of someone eating THAT, and showed it in India or China, the theatre management would be well advised to provide airsick bags.


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    1. re: Brian S

      Great illustration! but, I won't be serving live food at my Zombie Feed...maybe raw. faux raw? if I could only keep the wiggle...
      thin strips of bloody rare beef is good... thanks!

    2. Dried white mulberries look like maggots, taste like heaven. Expensive; Available at any Persian market.

      Durian, fer sure.

      Tacos de sesos.

      1. How about jelly fish? We can find it in the cold section at the Asian store near us in CA.

        How about 100 year eggs...they are kind of black, squishy and a bit unnerving at first...but really quite delicious? Also available at the Asian market.

        peace, jill

        1. Thanks, everyone for the Inspirations! I love the jelly fish and 100-yr.old eggs, will also find unborn eggs...a fragrant durian, ...dried white mulberries! tacos de sesos. Brilliant!

          1. Hey Cynthia. Thanks for post! I'm the executive producer of The Slaughter and we actually used latex guts for the feeding frenzy but they were dipped in corn syrup and red food coloring so they were a sweet treat. Next time we'll use your suggestions (although 100-yr old eggs might be pretty gross dipped in syrup! I love the maggot idea!!!